There once was a man from Ireland...

  • There once was a man from Ireland...

  • who made love to an air raid siren,

  • by the light of a bomber's moon until the siren wailed the all clear.

  • I picked my toe untl that moment, dropped my foot in the dirt and scurried off on all fours. If i was lucky i'd find a hidey hole before the worst of it began.

  • I've always liked hidey holes. Before all the shit happened, I'd secretly make hidey holes just for fun. Now they were necessary, but still cozy. I loped along to one of my faves.

  • Inside was Heidi! "Surprise!" she shouted & leapt out from behind my cozy couch. "Wanna play hide-n-seek?" Yes, I did. I wanted to play with Heidi in my hidey hole. I closed my

  • eyes and counted down from twenty. When I got to three, I peeked through my fingers and peered around. Nothing but my pillow-fort hidey hole was in sight. I had to find Heidi.

  • Heidi was the key to my happiness dream. My happiness dream was like an over-inflated jolly sun that was filled with caramel. Where was Heidi? After counting to 20, I started looki

  • ng in the Swiss Alps, where Heidi was supposedly living with her grandfather. The very thought of Heidi made me want to yodel. I trudged up the Matterhorn to find her. I thought I

  • could finally be the one she loves. Tired of always waiting for her to come and seek me out I took the imitative. When I got there I was met by her rotting body, inciting vengence



  1. PurpleProf Nov 12 2014 @ 18:53

    Yooo-hoooo, Jefforama! Would you like for me to dress up like Heidi tonight? (WinkWink).....

  2. lucielucie Nov 13 2014 @ 13:52

    Looks like he's remaining neutral on that one, PP.

  3. PurpleProf Nov 13 2014 @ 18:07

    He doesn't get on FS that often... Too bad. You snooze, you lose.

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