Jimmy Crow was one with pretty much everyone.

  • Jimmy Crow was one with pretty much everyone. Unlike other ghostwriters, he dressed as his clients and took their wives to dinner. Today's assignment was for a Teen Zine journalist

  • who rocked the whole goth-chick-thing. Jim had long thought the undead scene was, well, dead, but apparently, as he flipped through the zine he realized that it was alive and quite

  • putrid. Yes, Jim Carrey had his finger on the pulse of society and zeitgeists. But he did not condescend to let the commoners know his musings, they probably wouldn't understand. H

  • E always had the number 23 on his shirt. It was his employee number while being a dog catcher. Dog #23 was the first and the last to bite him. Later, when retired, he adopted #6.

  • #6 had been the #23 of the 49ers in '34. Retired #23 adopted #6 when the 5-O gave him the 411 on the situation, which is what I just told you. He adopted her anyway. No dogs were i

  • n the pound, as she loathed keeping innoncense locked away. So she adopted every furry brilliance on the land and loved them infinetly.

  • Well, at least until People started to talk, which of course, they did. The police came by and demanded she give up all the animals. She barricaded the doors and demanded pizza.

  • “What kind?” the police probed. “Everything,” She answered. “A small everything.” The police confirmed. “No,” She screamed, “Extra-large, with extra cheese and extra pineapple!”

  • "By God" the police commissioner whispered, "it's a double homicide." Immediately, 7 squad cars under the guise of pizza delivery drivers raced to the location of the call. A woman

  • exited. “You’re late. I get free pizza!” “Ma’am, we’re here about 2 homicides.” She sneered. “Geez, Dominos sure has expanded! OK, the stiffs are inside.” The cops rushed past her.



  1. Flopp Apr 12 2020 @ 05:06

    Dominos: Pizza to DIE for! (Nice work all)

  2. Woab Apr 13 2020 @ 14:16

    Another fine ending, courtesy of TarotGuy! (I first typed "TartoGuy" by mistake! I guess I'll have to save that for any stinky endings he might write. Let this be a warning to you! Not that I'll ever have cause to use it...)

  3. SlimWhitman Apr 14 2020 @ 02:05

    I snickered through most of this - great negotiating skills there - always repeat the order, lol.

  4. LordVacuity Apr 14 2020 @ 06:41

    Did she, in fact, get her pizza for free? I suspect not. I'm just saying.

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