Two young CIA agents were prepping for their

  • Two young CIA agents were prepping for their first mission. While they were getting ready, the director came to see them in the armory and assign code names.

  • "You Flemming, your codename will be double sixty nine, & you Kuryakin, you'll be double D. I expect big things from you two. Hahaha. Your first assignment is to track down JMan

  • Who just entered his flat at 4638 N. Mineola. It is apartment C. Quick! He saw us." The window was smashed and neighbours panicked. One called the cops, who showed up at

  • the wrong address. Little did the neighbor who called them know that he had a bit of dyslexia and had told them 4683 instead. As the Gorilla worked his was through the

  • way, I mean the way through the was, dyslexia be damned, As the Gorilla worked way too fast in his fisting of the grass, the moles peek a took and the neighbour

  • hood still radiation spewed from the nuke. The decided gorilla had enough, so grabbed he a flamethrower intending to burn them out. He was trouble having reading the instructions

  • and accidently operated his shouldered flamethrower in 'jet pack' mode. The alarmed gorilla felt himself shoot into the stratosphere. "Alpha leader, we have an armed bogey. Engage?

  • Gen. Kind let the question linger in the air too long recalling that they'd never heard back from Gen. Custer. He knew his duty but he also had a gut feeling about Custer. "Fire!"

  • someone shouted, and sure enough, Gen. Kind's tent had caught fire. The Native Americans made a fire line from the creek and soon it was out. in the meantime, Custer had lost his

  • fancy pinstripe suit, and the sight of Custer without any clothes on was so traumatic that the two sides immediately formed a peace treaty. And that's how America was invented.



  1. SlimWhitman Feb 08 2018 @ 03:19

    Wouldn't it be nice. Servant, starting LOLing at your fold and kept going for Scribly's - where ever you are, thanks!

  2. Woab Feb 08 2018 @ 11:56

    I could totally picture the poor gorilla shooting into space, and I love tinybox's re-write of history at the end.

  3. IceSquad Feb 08 2018 @ 13:07

    Kind or not- he's got to stop playing with matches!

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