It had been a long day working at the station

  • It had been a long day working at the station and I felt as though I was going a bit crazy. As I walked across the platforms all of a sudden

  • I spied, with my eye, something that was...RED!

  • And now it's BLUE! I couldn't believe my eyes. I turned to Jeff and asked him "

  • Am I drunk?" Jeff sighed. "Is that even a question with you?" He took me by the arm. "Let's get you back to your apartment." Then a color-changing cab pulled up and I saw Elmo

  • tickling himself in the backseat, but without enthusiasm, forlorn. Jeff opened the cab door, threw Elmo out and into the gutter, and shoved me in, violent with lust. "Where to?"

  • "Take me to Browntown, Jeff. Take me all the way!"

  • "Can you be more descriptive, Jeff as their are many meanings and functions that this so called Browntown can me by being more specific I may be able to take you to your destinati.

  • on." "I don't know that I CAN be any more descriptive. I've told you everything I know!" "Jeff, that's just not going to get results. That attitude will literally get you no where.

  • "Literally?!" "Haha, very funny, Mister Smarty Pants! I expect to see some real results this time." Jeff wasn't listening though. No one called him that except

  • his great auntie Tess, who always splurped noisily in his ear in lieu of kissing him on the forehead, usually at bedtime when he had to stand still and be inspected for dirt...



  1. gravir Jan 25 2016 @ 19:06

    hey, quite a stroke???!!!!!##

  2. gravir Jan 25 2016 @ 19:08

    dirty pervoes, I love this!!

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