Marie let herself in. Joel was eating breakfast.

  • Marie let herself in. Joel was eating breakfast. "You went to him again?" he said. "I didn't expect you to be here," she replied. "It's my house."

  • "And I pretend it's mine," she said. He said, "so did you go to him in the biblical sense?" "Go to doesn't have a biblical sense, just that stupid neologistic one. He's my go to."

  • "Well, I'm glad that's settled. Cup of tea?" Before she could respond, he thumped her over the head with his Bible. She came to in the Pentagram Chamber, hearing his wicked

  • Boston accent made her sick because it was just too obvious. She snapped her fingers at the pentagram on the wall and said, "Look here, this is highly rebukable and so, with great

  • " I held up my hand. "Lady, please. Words without the letter R? My friends and I find Agrukhralikhrar to be agreeable and propitious." Something adjusted the place settings. She ba

  • -rely had time to put out the salad forks when all the place settings were re-arranged again. The pudding spoons were in the floral arrangement and the butter knives were in the

  • medicine cabinet right next to the Preparation H. She gazed at the clock and panicked, knowing her guests would soon arrive. 'Where on Earth could the salad forks be?' she thought

  • She found the forks under the front doorstep just in time. They had been stolen by a crow who loved shiny objects. The problem was they were covered in bird poop. Her poor party.

  • Then she remembered, Blue would be arriving a half-hour before guests to assist. She gathered the poop-covered forks and tossed them in the dishwasher.

  • The poop refused to go down the drain and pretty quickly had clogged the dishwasher's drain. The water started building up. Blue didn't show and the poop water ruined her party.



  1. SlimWhitman Feb 15 2017 @ 12:40

    Holding parties at foldingstory is perilous. I once ran out of shrimp crisp and everybody left early except LL, but she just sat around dabbing up shrimp crisp dust & talking about go to's, in between's, and never had's and let me do the cleaning up!

  2. lucielucie Feb 15 2017 @ 14:28

    I didn't leave you to do all the cleaning up! It's just that you're the only person who knows how to get fondu out of carpets.

  3. Rebbie Feb 15 2017 @ 17:18

    Yep and honestly your probably the only one who has a working knowledge of how to run a washing machine.

  4. LordVacuity Feb 15 2017 @ 17:54

    If you are washing a ton, you need to first drain the swamp, remove the alligators, who we all know, and replace them with alligators that we don't know. And we'll forget that they are alligators; we'll call it a lobby. Give them an office building on K Street and we'll have lunch on it.

  5. Rebbie Feb 15 2017 @ 18:13

    DAMN! No wonder everyone left Poor Slim to clean up! Sorry Slim. :'(

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