Do you remember our first fight? the first

  • Do you remember our first fight? the first time I felt like nothing, like an empty box. We were going to the Enghelab Sq. or the theater. The argument began from the bridge and it

  • was about whether we were going to Enghelab Sq. or the theatre. No, don't start all over again. I distinctly remember you saying that you'd brought the tickets. My bag is too tiny

  • but my moobs are really huge. Your gong to get a night that you will never forget.

  • The Unknown Comic made a drumming gesture as Arte Shaw reached for the mallet, but Shaw stopped short of striking the gong when he noticed Chuck Barris spraying starter fluid onto

  • The gong because it had not been used in many years. Where was the WD40 which was the right stuff? Did it get stolen? We looked frantically, but couldn't find it. The gong blew up.

  • Macgruber was incensed. He had checked his super duper doo in the mirror and now the exploding gong had ruined it. His garb was soot. His face was

  • covered in ashes and gel flakes. Whose going to date me like this. "I love a cinder covered hot mess. Lizard woman slid up beside him. He trembled. Her cool scales and hot breath

  • told him quite a lot about Ankor Wat and how it had disappeared into the jungle like Seal Team 666. But it wasn't caresses from her forked tongue that he was wanting & it was time

  • to insist on the answers they were promised, paid for. Alone in the darkness, surely surrounded by real firepower, they wouldn't be that stupid to let him ignite himself again, wou

  • ld they? WHOOOOMPHFFF! They were and he did and that's exactly why you should never, ever play with matches! Do ya hear?! Do not EVER let me catch you doing that AGAIN!



  1. PurpleProf May 12 2017 @ 22:50

    The Gong Show. That show was a trip.

  2. LordVacuity May 12 2017 @ 23:24

    The Gong Show is coming back. I believe it should start airing before the end of the year.

  3. Woab May 13 2017 @ 13:15

    I wonder if it will get gonged.

  4. Rebbie May 15 2017 @ 19:40

    This one is funny! I remember the gong show. Oh now you know how old I am. lol

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