"G'bye, boy." Johnny knelt down & brushed

  • "G'bye, boy." Johnny knelt down & brushed away a tear as the hamburger whined. "Go! I can't keep you anymore." The burger dejectedly scampered away, tomato slices and lettuce bits

  • falling off his buns. "Excuse me, but your fillings are showing!" The burger blushed deeply and straightened itself. Johnny had become a vegetarian and had to let the burger go.

  • But the burger had a card up its bun. It said to the newly vegetarian Johnny, "You can leave me if you want, but you'll have to leave the clown world too." Johnny McDonald was

  • flabbergasted. Leave clown world? How could he leave the place where he had learned to juggle man-eating tigers? All Johnny could do now was choose, would he leave or could he

  • stay long enough to learn how to do a cartwheeling triple-backflip over six buses? It was an impossible decision, but Johhny knew that his only option was to

  • man up and slip on that leopard skin leotard. Well, the inevitable happened & when Johnny emerged from the coma 6 months later he was ONLY A TORSO. "Was it the buses?" he asked

  • from across the room, his head animated by micro-bionic electrodes implanted in his brain. "Not the busses, Johnny." his doctor explained. "It was the leopards. When they saw your

  • leg bleeding, they took the advantage and mauled you, after the leopards left you were rescued by Frankie the builder, he somehow managed to keep you alive, but turned you into a

  • an unwieldy amalgam of erector set, bionicles, and stunted Shih Tzu. Then he entered you in a pet show, but you were disqualified as a mutt by the judges and that's when you went

  • "woof! woo woo woo woouuuuu! raf! raf! rrrrrraaaf! woof! woof! "



  1. Gibber Oct 19 2014 @ 22:35


  2. lucielucie Oct 20 2014 @ 13:39

    I KNOW!!!!!

  3. SlimWhitman Oct 20 2014 @ 16:43

    I like how PP didn't skip a beat and just had his head answer from across the room, lol.

  4. lucielucie Oct 21 2014 @ 10:27

    I think when I wrote that, I had in my mind's eye a torso with the head attached. But that's not what I wrote, so thank you PP for adding the head back in.

  5. LordVacuity Aug 20 2016 @ 14:08

    But that means he is more than ONLY A TORSO because the head is there but separate. So the torso could have been awake the whole 6 months but it was not until the head woke up that we can say he came out of the coma.

  6. lucielucie Dec 22 2016 @ 13:52

    Fair enough.

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