She sighed heavily--again. It dropped onto

  • She sighed heavily--again. It dropped onto his consciousness like a fly landing on a whale being air-vac'ed. That last fly-weight sigh snapped his strained sanity and his mind expl

  • ained to the rest of his body that it might be out of commission for a while. The fly, on the other hand, was quite taken by the pretty sigh-bag, Delilah, and vowed an oath

  • not to remain a fly on the wall but get close up and personal with Delilah. He flew over and hovered just above her Butt Crack that peeked from her hip hugger's. Ah the aroma of

  • 10 month unwashed panties, what a delight. The fly needed to get a piece of that shit, and so waited until Delilah undressed to go to sleep. The panties laying on the floor he went

  • quickly to claim his coveted prize. Oh sweet day. It was here and all his for the taking. He landed carefully on the outer elastic band and began to make his way down. His wings

  • got crumpled as he crawled down the cellophane wrapper to his treasure. He had only just hatched from the pupae a few days ago and he didn't have much time left for copulation.

  • After a brief mating ritual with his giant ravenous mate she ripped off his head & ate his still engaged body. She spun a cocoon around his treasure with the cellophane & laid 1000

  • pez dispensers around his headless corpse. She then feasted on spinal fluids and gorged herself on his cortex. He felt a mild tingling sensation.

  • T'was odd, him being decapitated & deceased & still feeling the mad woman eating his insides via his neck hole like a Pez dispenser. "This don't taste like chalk," she complained.

  • My incorporeal spirit descended into her brain and dissolved it from the inside with this message: "THAT'S WHAT YOU GET FOR STUFFING ME FULL OF NECCO WAFERS!"



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