"That's it! Limp out of here. Stumble. Hobble

  • "That's it! Limp out of here. Stumble. Hobble your gold-brickin' ass out of here, with your hickory-crutch Trophy!" The shout echoed in the tavern.

  • Pricey. "I got the clap from the last one I bought off you Alfredo, you spick bastard where do you keep the good hookers?"

  • Fredo simply laughed and crushed an empty Schlitz can against his head. "Good hookers amigo? What, you want I should have one make you a pie?" He laughed and spittle flew out of

  • his mouth & landed on the dough the Madame was rolling out. I watched her blend the spittle into the crust & thought about Teri still sleeping upstairs. I had fallen in love with a

  • hooker, and I was not ashamed of that fact. Technically, I was here on government business. I was a restaurant inspector and the Brothel Bakery sold the best buns in town. Teri was

  • waiting around the back for leftovers from the Brothel Bakery. Since the Government had increased taxes on bread baking today Teri would receive

  • Two kosher loaves of cheddar jalapeno bread, her favourite. Plus two tomato spinach loaves. And her choice of six others. This made her day. The food hole was too expensive for her

  • so she had to go down market now going to Whole Foods. Her driver pulled up to the main door, stopped, opened the door and walked her up to the front door. He had to rough handle 2

  • burly vegetarian gentlemen just so she could get inside the Whole Foods. To her dismay, there were no whole foods left in the store, only half foods. "This is an outrage!" she

  • screamed, adding to the din of protesters outside, "You can't honestly expect us to eat this junk!" She ran up to the counter to air her grievances, but there was no one there. "I



  1. Woab Apr 07 2017 @ 15:39

    am never shopping in this half-arsed Whole Foods again!" shouted the Madame as she stormed back out to her car. "Driver, take me back to the brothel. The gents are waiting for my buns."

  2. LordVacuity Apr 07 2017 @ 16:08

    They were buns worth waiting for.

  3. Woab Apr 07 2017 @ 16:10

    Nothing half-arsed about them.

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