I stood staring at the pile of warm, freshly

  • I stood staring at the pile of warm, freshly dried laundy. Won't anybody FOLD with me?

  • That was when the sonorous tenor upstairs was punctuated by a loud clunk. The rat king had slipped in the shower! He would be fine later, but who would fold this laundry with me!?

  • Clara wished then that she had married the Nutcracker instead of the Rat King. But she was attracted to the "bad boys" of the ballet. Nutcracker's tights had been a turn off and

  • when he slipped on a banana peel that an audience member had thrown on stage Clara knew it was love. The Rat King was a kind husband but the Nutcracker would kick her in the

  • swimsuit area due to an injury he suffered while touring Russia. The Nut Cracker was a liability. Clara and the Rat King told the Nut Cracker that he was fired. But the Nut Cracker

  • heeded them little attention. "You think I care what two puny little children think?" the Nut Cracker laughed. The Rat King folded his arms, glaring. "CHILDREN?" he cried. "How

  • about kitchen utensils with faces?" The Nutcracker had never been so insulted, and pirouetted himself through the floor. The Rat King leapt down after him, floor after floor.

  • After 32 floors, the Rat King decided this was the wrong strategy and wiffled into a airduct. The Nutcracker arrived in the basement. Brazilnuts, hazelnuts & macadamias

  • were everywhere, however the Rat King knew what he had to do he had been planning on doing it for three years now. His plan was to

  • vacation on the Stygian Riviera near the mouth of the River Lethe where he could forget all his troubles and work on his Sonata in B# for Sitar, Banjo, and Kazoo. He called it



  1. LordVacuity Jul 26 2016 @ 19:50

    Oh, man, sorry all, I did not realized I was working on the final line. Mea culpa.

  2. SlimWhitman Jul 27 2016 @ 05:01

    ... the Rat Poison Suite. It's okay. That's why we have extra space down here. Welcome to the club of nonfinished foldingstory writers ;-)

  3. ashybear Jul 27 2016 @ 08:22

    I've been one of them haha. My first ever one. I felt so guilty :p

  4. Woab Jul 27 2016 @ 13:29

    Mea culpa, as well. Maybe we could start a bowling league of nonfinished foldingstory writers.

  5. SlimWhitman Jul 27 2016 @ 15:34

    That's the big league. Although finishing is nice, sometimes forgetting to finish can turn into additional fun. E.g. by continuing the story, or continuing the thread in the comments, or by just leaving things open ended.

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