The cat tinkled the keys with an air of grace,

  • The cat tinkled the keys with an air of grace, as the little girl danced.

  • Or was the cat dancing and the little girl watching?

  • Watching/Dancing? Dancing/Watching? Did it mater whether the girl or the cat was doing either? As long as the Dancing and Watching occurred, did it mater whom did what to whom? No

  • wonder I had a misplaced sense of reference. I put down the book I was reading, "Women Dance, Cats Watch " and looked out at Heathrow through the rain streaked window. I tapped

  • a lot in the early days with Gregory Hines. I still had the shoes. Now this London rain makes me think of Gregory which only enlarges the ennui rising in my

  • gallbladder. I don't even know what a gallbladder is. Is it like a bladder? I'm no doctor. Just a guy getting wet in London with Gregory Hines' shoes. I thought back to when I

  • was dry, had never visited Europe let alone London and Gregory Hines's shoes weren't my problem. I needed to get hold of a gall bladder as quick as poss. The bins of the clinic

  • were chock full of human tidbits. I rooted around, searching desperately for a gall bladder, but... Hey! What's this?! I held up what appeared to be an anal sphincter. Could this

  • be repurposed as a gall bladder? Perhaps, but I'd need a spleen, some chewing gum & a whole lot of luck. I began to rummage for what I needed, clutching the sphincter lovingly.

  • I glimpsed at the dead man's face and realized he was smiling. Was he smiling a minute ago? Is my entire arm really up this guy's ass? Maybe this wasn't such a good idea after all.



  1. johnDonson Mar 15 2013 @ 15:02

    Sphincter, what an awesome word! I can imagine myself in a situation where I'm actually holding something and thinking "Hey! What's this?! It appears to be an anal sphincter." :D Good one PurpleProf!

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