I and my friend went to the changi beach

  • I and my friend went to the changi beach in the holidays. when, we got there we heard ha! ha! ha! we turned behind to see who was it? i was shock to see a joker licking a ice-cream

  • while grinning at me. His mouth is all full with ice cream.He didn't even want to clean his mouth even though

  • his dental hygienist recommended it at least once a day, whether he thought he needed it or not. He was a naughty boy indeed. Aside from that, he also "forgot" to

  • comb his hair, say his bedtime prayers, and eat his vegetables at dinner. This was all a big misunderstanding, that was all. His dental hygienist and his mom just didn't understand

  • They'd arranged to meet at 7 under the clock at Waterloo Station. It was quarter past now & she was turning to go when she saw him running across the concourse towards her.

  • ..and then right past her. What should have been a romantic scene turned into a comedy of errors, for he ran into the arms of another woman with the same hair color. The embrace

  • lasted 7 hrs until police were finally able to disengage the pair after lubricating them with cooking oil. As he approached his true love he slipped, grabbed her dress to break his

  • dance. He was doing the centipede which ripped her dress completely off. His true love stood in her bra and panties as a crowd gathered and clapped to the beat.

  • He took the only stick a man was born with and started drumming while she in her bra and panties did the flesh bongo,the scene exploding into a hellzapoppin lindy hopping craze.

  • But unbeknownst to them, deep within the bowels of the house, her husband writhed. 1st one chain & then another broke. His fury blazed as he ascended the steps bent on retribution.



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