I could spend an hour watching her garden

  • I could spend an hour watching her garden and nothing more! And even when off-angle, tilting ever-so-closer to complete balance, both physical and mental balance I enjoy the view.

  • from behind and below--looking up through the forest, across the chasm, and into the opening--gliding into immortality--not stopping until reaching the ultimate goal.

  • "GOOOOOOOOOOAL!" shouted Saint Peter, his pale hands raised above his head. The band of angels began to play "Hail to the He'n'ly Host" as the Lord declared it a victory for all

  • Suddenly time began to reverse itself, and the ball flew back out. "LAOOOOOOOG" Saint Peter shouted while running backwards. The music of the angel band played in reverse, someone

  • regurgitated a hotdog in perfect shape, put it back into the vendor’s tray and took the money from his hands. The whole stadium seemed to be stuck in a never ending time loop,

  • but the fans weren't aware of it because when the game reset, their memories reset as well, every moment thenceforth being a replay of the previous run. This groundhog day repeated

  • until there was a glitch that rendered everyone unable to use verbs. Once everyone got sick of using nouns, they decided to search for a recovery file. When they ran it, memories

  • were completely erased--gone--forever. The End. Just kidding. This story is about to take an incredible twist: memories are worthless when you can't remember.The only left is sex.

  • Since the only left was sex, the Founding Fathers didn't see a need for a Bill of Lefts. Sex as the only left was like forgetting the sea when designing a Man-of-War. Twas assumed.

  • But t'was it assumed correctly? For the Man-of-War could no more forget the sea, than the Founding Fathers could ever have been supposed to have sex with Bill. So I left.



  1. LordVacuity Dec 27 2018 @ 03:59

    The political mood of this story leans to the left.

  2. Woab Dec 28 2018 @ 16:12

    KieferSkunk left them with the Bill.

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