Charlie Brown ran as zombie Snoopy chased

  • Charlie Brown ran as zombie Snoopy chased after him. Everyone he knew was a zombie. Eventually he was cornered by zombie Rerun who

  • had sold out to the studios for the 50th remake of night of the living dead. It was called Zombie:Peanuts. Charlie Brown was such a loser that he'd even missed that boat, which

  • led to his recent suicide." The gathered mourners nodded solemnly as the PI read from his notes. "Also, Lucy seemed to have a sadistic sex relationship with our good man. I saw

  • that time she held the football, teasing him to make the punt, always pulling away at the last second. I feel this was the start of his downward spiral. Rest in peace Charlie."

  • Charlie filled with rage and leaped at the ball. Snatching it from her grasp he booted the ball over a wall only to hear the shattering of glass.

  • "You've done it again Charlie Brown! If you need a therapist, you know my fees". Lucy walked off. "Good Grief". He hung his head and rang the bell to recover his football.

  • Linus brought it to him. And then he passed out at his feet. That meant Charlie Brown was going to have to call 911 or perform CPR or something. He hated responsibility. He yell

  • ed for help, but only Lucy was nearby, and she pretended not to hear him. Charlie Brown gritted his teeth and began pumping Linus' chest. Dr. Snoopy came strolling over, and brus

  • quely shoved Charlie Brown aside. Dr. Snoopy knew exactly what was wrong & rummaged through his doghouse. Aha! Here it is! Dr. Snoopy covered the still unconscious Linus with

  • a fluffy blankie and snuggled up next to him. It was bound to make Linus all better as Happiness is a Warm Puppy.



  1. Chaz May 04 2013 @ 11:58

    ending: awwww....

  2. lucielucie May 05 2013 @ 04:35

    Had to have a happy ending!

  3. PurpleProf May 05 2013 @ 07:12

    I'm just thankful it was his blanket and not a Cleveland Steamer...

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