Her husband came and found her in the kitchen.

  • Her husband came and found her in the kitchen. "I'm so sorry," he said holding her tight. "So sorry I brought you to a house with no internet access."

  • "I could understand a shark chewing through an internet cable," she said quietly, "BUT YOU DRAGGED ME TO A HUT IN THE AMAZON!" She wept tears of deep pain. "But honey, the internet

  • isn't just a drunk in bad 80s hot pants." The shark chewing through an internet cable was too long and complex a story for the young biologist to fully process; yet, nonetheless, a

  • young blonde intern wanted thhe job. It was her life long dream to be a beautician, for dogs. She could imagine curling the golden locks of the Lassie, Benji and Ole Yeller. But

  • it meant she'd have to turn down the full scholarship Harvard offered her. What to do? What to do? She pondered the dilemma for quite some time before she chose dog beauty school.

  • Dogs were her passion, her life. She had to try it. She could go to Harvard later. Like her mother always said "Money can wait, dreams cannot"

  • . Mom was always right. So she withdrew her college savings and had Doggyland™ built, a place were dogs could find their inner pup. There were mailmen maniken, hydrants on every

  • square meter of property and cats were forced to serve at the whim of each and every resident dog. Doggyland had a two-year waitlist. It's downfall came at the paws of a Siamese

  • cat with autocratic beliefs. He is known as Chairman Meow. After enslaving the dogs, he purred to himself," all cats will unite as a single body."

  • "Such a conception is ill-considered and bound to fail," thought one of many cats whom we shall call David Lo Paw.



  1. SlimWhitman Apr 17 2015 @ 02:23

    David Lo Paw "Ruling a country is like eating a small fish, you must hock up the small bones afterwards."

  2. Perronicus Apr 17 2015 @ 12:33

    Chairman Meow :D

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