Car lots and used car lots as business models

  • Car lots and used car lots as business models had been beaten to death. I found an empty field and opened a potential car lot. I was offering irresistible deals on 2018 Buicks and

  • a new Keurig coffee machines. Unfortunately my car lot sat atop a demolished Indian Casino that had sat atop an Indian burial ground. The haunted car lot made making the quota

  • cups of coffee nearly impossible. The Keurig became possessed and started pouring scalding hot water across the counter of the drive-thru. The last employee I was able to hire

  • was only a spectre, and yet kept demanding raises knowing no one else wanted to work at Creepy Drive Thru. How could I have known that my themed coffee/covenience really was haunte

  • d. Sure a spectre is somewhat of a giveaway I suppose but how was I supposed to recognize a spectre what do they look like?

  • This was a question that I had pondered many times, both with, and without appropriate punctuation,. Experimentally, I took a sheet off the bed, flung it over me and said "woooo",

  • and you know what? I was OK. I tried something more daring: I wrote a letter with a run-on sentence & that was OK too. Pretty soon I was ignoring all grammar and punctuation rules

  • which was OK for a while but as I got accustomed to it my letters grew indecipherable since my punctuation was nonexistent and my grammar and even my speling went down the

  • tubes and i went down down down into a stream of consciousness that was more like a sluggish canal where swans swim among junk & weed and the fish go down down down into the depths

  • . After intense introspection, I hit the silt bottom. Among the forgotten dreams and half-finished ideas, I found my childhood. I polished it and swam up. Light.



  1. foldmeonce Jul 30 2013 @ 00:33

    I like that ending. It sounds hopeful. ;)

  2. lucielucie Jul 30 2013 @ 02:12

    Good story!

  3. JonB Jul 30 2013 @ 04:16

    Starts off in farce and then resolves itself in poetry. How on earth did we manage that?

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