Let's try something a little different. I

  • Let's try something a little different. I want the next fold in this story to have nothing whatsoever to do with the previous one. Completely random. Go!

  • The boy strummed his guitar. The little girl stooped to pick a flower. The old woman knitted her knitting. The athletic young man jogged on the spot. The cat purred quietly. I look

  • ed down the street, at each of these scenes unfolding. But the boy, the girl, the cat - they all ignored me. I ducked my head and quickened my steps, heading towards

  • the crease in the middle of the book. Hopping from one sentence to another, I made it to the next page. "Look, Jane, Look. Kitty wants to play." I was blindsided by a ball of yarn.

  • But then Dick showed up. Dick didn't like me. Dick was a dick, but somehow Jane couldn't see the truth. "Play with Kitty, Dick! Play, Dick, play!" My ears went back & I spat

  • as a warning: "Kitty's not in the mood. Let me be." Dick headed outside. Jane looked out the window and spotted Dick with one of our neighbors, Mr. Thistlenuts.

  • "Hey there, Thistlenuts!" Dick called. Mr. Thistlenuts nodded briefly & resumed raking his yard. "Wonder what got into his shorts?" Dick thought. "Yoo-hoo!" Marta Appletits waved

  • from the lawn on the other side. Luke Thistlenuts rolled his eyes. How the hell did he end up living between Dick Forsky & Marta Appletits on Peachbottom Lane? He ignored them &

  • fell to his knees & begun to dig in the strip of lawn separating the street from the sidewalk. Perhaps in this slender strip of neutral estate he would find the key to his rampant

  • ly horny neighborhood. "Just as I suspected!" He cried. "A buried line of liquid Viagra piping in with the city water." Turning the shut-off valve (mostly) off, he exhaled.



  1. SlimWhitman Jan 06 2016 @ 03:13

    Huh, who would of thought what was beneath the surface of that seemingly bland society inhabted by reading primers?

  2. SlimWhitman Jan 06 2016 @ 20:55

    Well that doesn't make much sense. I'll just try to imagine a society of fimsy drably written booklets walking around a suburb of school desks.

  3. SlimWhitman Jan 06 2016 @ 20:58

    ... and since I am the only one commenting on this choice story (when I'm not commenting on my comments) I'll point the uninitiated to this : http://foldingstory.com/cznlb/ or is everyone initiated already?

  4. bearshoes84 Jan 06 2016 @ 21:02

    I can picture it easily enough. They shuffle glumly from place to place, seeing the same covers - the only novelty they can show each other is their "ink", the margin notes and dirty pictures students left behind. (Except for that one biology textbook running around with a Playboy tucked inside...)

  5. bearshoes84 Jan 06 2016 @ 21:03

    Initiated? I am now!

  6. foldmeonce Jan 06 2016 @ 23:53

    Never judge a booklet by its cover!

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