He slept in a sleeping bag mounted to the

  • He slept in a sleeping bag mounted to the wall. His alarm went off at random times.He drank tang & ate freeze-dried donuts. It was all part of his regimen. He'd applied to NASA's

  • Manifest Destiny, the goal of which was to colonize the solar system. He set his apartment to sauna-like temps to prepare for the Sun. He'd hoped for the Asteroid Belt assignment

  • clerk that could easily be bribed. He wanted to go someplace where it was warm. When the United Planetary Corporation announced that the Satellite Allotments were to be released

  • Fardum chose Mercury as his detstination. Oh yeah, Fardum was a nickname he had earned in the Academy, someting like "far dumber than the other cadets" Mercury was

  • just finishing "Another One Bites the Dust" and came off the stage. "I'm your number one space cadet!" said Fardum. Freddie gave a fake smile and rushed to the dressing room.

  • Waiting for him in the dressing room was Scrappy the puppy, with a gun! There was a knock on the door, "Fred, It's me, your big space cadet fan!" "Don't answer it!" yelled scrapp

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  • "Yes" I said to the device. Nothing happened. "Dammit, what's wrong with this stupid thing?!" A 12 year old holding an HTC EVO 4G LTE with upsized memory & graphics stared at me.

  • A purple haze appeared on the horizon and the unmistakable scent of teen spirit arose from the staring teen. The device fell to the ground, along with my hopes, dashed, dashed to

  • shards, now safely wrapped up in brown paper packages tied up with string, to be discarded. Julie Andrews threw my life away. The teen was told to shower.



  1. Zetawilk Oct 29 2012 @ 18:10

    I still have no means of replacing my absolutely defunct laptop cable, but popped in through the magic of Nintendo! I wouldn't recommend it, though, what with the inability to keep an eye on the character limit and what have you in a mobile browser. Bollocks.

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