The doorbell rang and I excused myself to

  • The doorbell rang and I excused myself to answer at it. Standing there was the old man from the State Farm commercial, with his fishing rod with a dollar bill baiting the hook. "I

  • thought you might need this." he said with a smile, handed me the dollar & disappeared into the fog. I was relieved 'cause I was flat broke. But what's this message written on it?

  • "I have a gub. Jerry 867-5308." I folded the dollar neatly and put it into the ticket pocket of my jeans du jour. I suppose that Jerry was not the guy who had vanished into the fog

  • monster's wispy maw. The fog monster lurked and harangued the streets of London. As the Emotional Inspector it was incumbent upon my person to find this man who'd been eaten

  • By the modern incarnation of Shanghai Sam, one of the White Dragons. Ben Fulford and I walked the streets of London and ended up fleeing giant rat-dogs. Under the manhole cover, we

  • --- Ben stopped talking & we started laughing. We were so high! We'd just gotten our first medical marijuana cards. Mine was for "complications from a severe wood allergy" & Ben's

  • was being “overly gentle”. I kissed him that it meant he was gay but he insisted he was depressed and that is why he could not make a normal relationship with a woman last. Ben was

  • not depressed or gay. Ben was merely too damned picky. He imagined that he would fall in love and that everything would be just so, and that would be that. He hadn't planned on

  • meeting his true soulmate and Life Essence Twin (trademarked by Dr.Phil) whilst perusing the gun racks at Target. But there he was. Todd. The man he Never Dreamed Of. (Because He W

  • as the Man he Always Dreamed Of.But there was Todd the Dodd expertly handling a Baretta with Silencer™. There First and Last Date was on the Firing Range: A Fatal Misfire (rated ®)



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