I just laughed. The story was completely

  • I just laughed. The story was completely ridiculous. "You expect me to believe that?" I asked. But Rodrigo was insistent. "I saw it--a lawyer committing a random act of kindness."

  • "Rodrigo, oh Rodrigo. You pitiful, starry-eyed dreamer. Whatever can you mean?" Extending my cigarette holder, I lit my chesterfield on his burning toupee. Rodrigo was like that.

  • The house burned down after he threw off the toupee. It was a house next door to him.I went home and put the tellie on. The toupee was never found. Rodrigo was never blamed..

  • Really Rodrigo was never blamed. I swear. Why would anyone blame him? Was it his fault? The toupee was highly flammable. He was just taking a puff of a perfectly legal Cuban cigar

  • at a gas station after having won first place in the local Extrabean MegaTaco eating challenge. How would Rodrigo know that his toupee would catch fire? Soon after, when the police

  • had finished taking witness statements and were huddled together, scratching their heads Rodrigo yelled out to them "

  • Stop scratching each other's heads. Go get a room and you can scratch each other's asses, for all I care, but for now this is a place of business. Please conduct yourselves."

  • The two glared fiercely, then exchanged a look. Wordlessly, they got to their feet - their fingertips still scratching at each other's scalps - and walked out of the room like a

  • pair of proud and absolutely not connected people. He went back to his sales job at Fractal Apparel in the ghost mall, and they went back to being CEO of Destiny.com. But something

  • had changed, he had dipped his wick into the bourgeoisie, planted his seed inside Destiny.com, and for a moment, the oppressed stood above the oppressor, and the future looked good



  1. SlimWhitman Feb 21 2019 @ 14:18

    Nice finish Jimbeau. . . and nice to have you active again here.

  2. Jimbeau Feb 22 2019 @ 20:40

    Thanks, Slim..."For the record, we never broke up; we just took a 14-year vacation"...it's good to be active, again.

  3. BlastedHeath Feb 24 2019 @ 08:59

    Ditto what Slim said.

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