His eyes glazed as he looked into the dairy

  • His eyes glazed as he looked into the dairy section. What did they put into a White Russian? Would non-dairy creamer work? Did they ever try buttermilk? At 3 am, his thoughts went

  • to sleep, leaving him truly alone in the long-closed supermarket's freezer aisle. Famished, he procured one of the eyeballs, hoping Sarah wouldn't know what a Baker's Dozen meant.

  • But she did! "I need me thirteen eyeballs sonny boy!" Sarah shrieked. He hated her. He imagined himself stabbing her in the throat with a frozen king crab leg in the grocery store.

  • He reluctantly handed Sarah the 13 eyeballs she demanded & wondered what he was gonna do with the one that was left over. It was pure loathing for Sarah that prompted him to shove

  • extra labour costs on his final bill. He knew Sarah would struggle to pay the additional expense since she had decided to study full-time. With only a casual carpet cleaning job to

  • pays the bills, he decided to join Sarah at school. Student loans were easier to get than a higher paying job. Linguistics seemed like a great course since

  • he planned to raise their children speaking Klingon. He was sure their children would one day say "Heghlu'meh qaq jajvam." Sarah rolled her eyes when he greeted the linguistic Prof

  • ligator. 'What a senseless waste of a mind.' Sarah reeled around on her heels (she could do that as a ballet-dancer). Sarah's training in ballet made her nimble. She was

  • less nimble of mind than of foot, yet Sarah was a worthy rival to Jack Be- and his partner, Mr. Quick. Sarah took them both on in a quick time event in her virtual ballet studio.

  • Inspired, they urged their audiences to vote in on the quick time events how the show should play out, calling themselves the "Dream Cast". It went over about as well as expected.



  1. Zetawilk Feb 15 2013 @ 21:43

    In a deleted scene, what I was going with went on too long for me to make the point, so I cashed in on a retro video gaming era reference instead.

  2. PurpleProf Feb 15 2013 @ 21:46

    So when Sarah rolled her eyes did she roll all 13 of them?

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