It all started with a tin can.

  • It all started with a tin can.

  • It was full of beans, and so was I. These were, after all, the heady days of my youth, and I bounded about like an excited dog. Why was I so excited? Because I had beans! And not

  • brussel sprouts. God I hate brussel sprouts. But I love beans, they really effect me. when I farted the gas flaps my hymroid and make it tickle causing me to laugh and dance. I am

  • the most disgusting grandpa in the world. Everything I own is polyester, I still use denture cream, my liver spots have hair and veins, white spittle string dances in my mouth when

  • I laugh. Some people say getting old isn't pretty. Well, I've made it into some kind of train-wreck-like art form. You can't stand what you see, but you can't look away, even when

  • I could take my lower lip and swallow my nose. It helped that I had no teeth. I ran with the freak show circuit of that Popeye Guy and the Human Lobster.

  • Ahhhhh...that's when the freak show was the freak show. Nowadays the bearded lady is just some girl you want to forget and wolf boy is the guy you can't forget. Or is that TMI?

  • Oh no, Todd, I think we're making some real progress here. Please continue. How does it make you feel that you had intercourse with the bearded lady, and sired a wolf boy?

  • But Todd was silent.A hole new kind of silent than the silent he'd been on the previous sections.Furious silent.Dr.Roy was afraid he should not have mentioned the wolf boy."Tell me

  • what is going on," Dr. Roy changed the subject. Todd stared in his pit of silence for the longest time. "He wanted friends with benefits. I needed to learn how to love. The end."



  1. SlimWhitman Apr 18 2012 @ 04:26

    A gritty foldingstory that hits the highs and lows of life in 10 lines. Chapeau.

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