truthfully, my sister was a lesbian. she'd

  • truthfully, my sister was a lesbian. she'd been getting pretty close to me lately, and it freaked me right out. never been into the whole incest thing.

  • Oops, that's her now. She waltzed into the living room, set down her grocery bags and hopped in my lap. "Hiya sis." she said. "Wow, the girls are looking good today." as she

  • pinged each of my breasts. Why did she always do that? Was she jealous of my girls? And why did she call me "sis" & sit on my lap? My landlady is a nutcase,but I went along with it

  • soon after, she pulled a rubber dildo out from her bra. She smacked me in the face with it and told me to get on the ground. Shocked, I said no. She proceeded to handcuff me.

  • No choice but to do as I was told.I'm a sucker for handcuffs!I blame my cousin,he's a cop.I got to the ground,all fours,and the dildo found his way into my mouth.She held my balls,

  • I couldn't juggle on all fours anyway. The clown makeup was beginning to run & get into my eyes, stinging them to tears. My fellow 37 clowns crammed in my Smart car looked on as

  • as the 38th clown approached. A new guy. Nobody knew him. He was quiet, kind of moody. But clowns accept all, as do the Norwegians. He screwed himself in. The Smart car exploded

  • in the most appalling display of clown-on-clown violence since the Pierrot riots in Padua in 1848 which sparked the Irish potato famine, as we all know. The Smart car was torched

  • . 20 clowns were silhouetted by the enormous explosion. The mime assassins silently ambushed. From our vantage point, it was funny and tragic at the same time. An errant cream pie

  • whistled over my head as a final rejoinder. Such carnage deserved quiet respect.Mmmphh! We struggled to hold back but in the end, our laughter echoed past the bodies & into heaven.



  1. lucielucie Nov 05 2013 @ 15:27

    Jayursus - your 'I couldn't juggle..' line made me lol. Genuine.

  2. jayursus Nov 05 2013 @ 21:00

    LucieLucie - Glad you liked :)

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