Ginger or Maryanne? Laverne or Shirley? Wilma

  • Ginger or Maryanne? Laverne or Shirley? Wilma or Betty? Jeannie or Samantha? Betty or Veronica? Chrissie or Janet? Jennifer or Bailey? Diane or Rebecca?

  • I couldn't decide on a name for my child. I never expected to be pregnant. Out of shock, I try google for more names. Mellisa or Joanna? "What should I pick?" I cried loudly.

  • I supposed I'd better consider my last name - Manatee - before I chose my baby's first name. What if it's a boy? Ultrasounds have been known to be wrong, after all.

  • If it's a boy his name will be, Ralph Manatee, no, Dexter Manatee, Poseidon Manatee (too oceanic), Grover Manatee (after my favorite president), but if its a girl,

  • her name will be Nectarine Manatee, or maybe Beyonce Manatee or Purple Rain Manatee. She will be born in the North Sea so the bracing currents will build her character. She will be

  • black as the celebrities from whence her name may hence be born, copyright laws permitting. Yar har har!" "Sir?" squeaked the first mate "Isn't that a little politically incorrect?

  • Mr. Ebb and Mr. Flow were equally adept with handling the payroll." Indeed, Mr. Ebb and Mr. Flow were doppelgangers for Mr. Moon and Mr. Sun, who spoke Korean fluently. The second

  • Day of creation went off without any incident precisely because God put Ebb and Flow to handle all the details. They are the reason it is said that it is all in the details. Orient

  • yourself to the circular nature of nature and none of the other details are that important. You can let go and enjoy the ride. Even when people are cruel, just remember that they

  • are just jealous of your fabulousness. The radiant you that shines within is the best you. Look at me I am super shiny, especially since I am from the north and get no sun.



  1. Woab Jan 03 2017 @ 16:04

    Shine on, you crazy Rebbie!

  2. Rebbie Jan 03 2017 @ 16:11

    Thanks I will as the sun here has no intention of giving light any time soon. That and I am super fabulous, just like you!

  3. SlimWhitman Jan 03 2017 @ 16:47

    We are all super fabulous and real shiny too!

  4. LordVacuity Jan 03 2017 @ 19:33

    Shiny Happy people, maybe?

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