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  • and anywhere, whenever possible. If that seems out of place, let me explain.

  • But before I explain, I need to tell the back story. Twenty years ago, I told my law partner to f&çk off, got on my bike & heading south with no plan going forward.

  • I have my standards, you know. I have MORALS, by God! I wasn't going to let some 2-bit lawyer in a shiney suit ruin my good reputation! So I became a used car salesman.

  • I'll never forget the first car I sold. It was a bright red 2003 VW Beetle that made all sorts of funny noises. I sold it to a young man who said he planned to use it to

  • Pick up chicks while riding a motorcycle in the back seat

  • the chicks protested a little but then stopped when they were shoved inside his backpack. "What's going on back there?" the biker asked bewildered still driving touwards the

  • internal punctuation. Ah, the comma, refuge of those out of breath and too clueless to stop at a natural pause. So, where were we? Ah, the chicks. Their muffled ministrations drew

  • the children and their unsanitary hands toward them. The chicks scrambled away but the cuteness lured the children. The chicks died with disease.



  1. Perronicus Oct 13 2015 @ 15:57

    I am ashamed of my fold here :(

  2. SlimWhitman Oct 13 2015 @ 16:59

    No need to feel that way! It formed a nice break to begin again. Sometimes that's just what's needed.

  3. Crazydance Oct 14 2015 @ 19:25

    Bravo PurpleProf, bravo.

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