But the cookies had all fallen on the floor.

  • But the cookies had all fallen on the floor. Seth said nothing. Stacked back on the plate Sarah grabbed one. "MMMMmm...what the?" She pulled a three foot blonde hair out of her

  • cookie. She inspected the hair with disgust, her wrinkled nose showing so. She glanced up at Seth and said, "What is this?!"

  • It was a disaster omelette, Sarkis proudly said. "Try it!" I tried it and was hooked. Cafe Sarkis was my favourite place to eat after that. This was 3 years ago. We folded stories

  • as we folded omelettes with abandon and lots of onions. We shared our heartaches and solved our headaches for each other. But that Cafe Sarkis is gone now. The scandal took it all.

  • Ever since that plucky young journalist stepped inside the cafe, the wheels of fate began to turn. Though perhaps it started earlier, when Lily invented the carrot latte with soy.

  • Of course, it was the worst tasting soy latte ever, but since he had a crush on Lily, and she had invented it, he wrote a rave review of it in the restaurant section of the Purvis

  • Anon,a review written by the shy. He clicked to update.Surely Lily would see it & guess, it was he who wrote the effusive review of her curdling rancid soy brew.His stomache gurgl

  • 'd hungr'ly, doth protesting too much for his like. May his review inspire Lily to curdle some rancid soy brew for him! If she but chuck'd it down the drain, a fine meal he'd dine.

  • He settled onto his beanbag & tuned to Masterpiece Theater. “Wench!” he demanded his soy brew. She came posthaste with a flagon of sulphuric acid, which she poured down his throat.

  • But this actually made him quite giddy. Sulphuric acid was his favorite drink! She tried kerosene, acetone, carpet glue, deck sealant. He enjoyed them all, so she just left him.



  1. KieferSkunk Dec 10 2020 @ 17:44

    Zetawilk's fold just killed me. I see how the sudden shift to Shakespeare must have happened, and it had me rolling. :)

  2. Zetawilk Dec 12 2020 @ 22:48

    Thank you kindly. I like to think Wilbur Shakespeare was a major influence on me.

  3. Woab Dec 23 2020 @ 14:42

    Merry xmas to all, and to all, a good write.

  4. Jimbeau Dec 23 2020 @ 23:04

    Merry Christmas ,Dear Woab, and a Happy New Year, in keeping with the situation.

  5. Woab Dec 24 2020 @ 13:07

    We've no place to go but up, my dear Jimbeau!

  6. LordVacuity Dec 24 2020 @ 21:20

    Everybody seems to be betting that 2021 is going to be a better year than 2020. That remains to be seen.

  7. KieferSkunk Dec 24 2020 @ 21:53

    Really hard to do any worse, if you ask me.

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