Everytime I walk and then stop, my shadow

  • Everytime I walk and then stop, my shadow bumps into me.Then I get mad and yell at it. My nosy neighbors called the cops on me and that's how I ended up here. It all started

  • 5 years, 6 weeks, and 2 days ago. It was cold and dark outside so I stayed indoors. That night, the shadow man jumped out at me and I screamed and tried to kill it but, the shadow

  • was being shadowed by a bulbous shadow with stubby flippers. A familiar cowlike voice said, "You can project your shadow puppets on a jail house wall Shadowmaster!" Det. Manatee

  • threw the net down on the Shadowmaster but it crumpled to the ground, empty. "Huh?" said Det. Manatee. Shadowmaster laughed and not one but two shadows shrunk into darkness. 8 days

  • later they were still playing this game, and Det. Manatee took a time-out for a salad. He tossed the net, but Shadowmaster dodged and the place looked like it had a shadow-ball

  • mullet. Det. Manatee was meticulous when eating a salad. His big rubber lip, flat teeth, would twitch with the most sublime delicacy as he shredded the exquisite greens. Shadowmast

  • or half mast, masturbatin' manatees with flat tops tossing rubber pizza dough in the

  • "Shush now you self-gratifying penile addicted junkie. Pretty quick on the masturbation jokes now aren't we?" The walrus was clearly offended. He didn't like when people made fun

  • hats by folding sheets of newspaper. You could play pirate, explorer, knight - the only limit is your imagination. By the guy's stupid newspaper hat & attitude, the walrus knew he

  • needs to do what it´s right. So, 5 years later he become an astronaut, and went to the moon, were he could test his courage and criativity. His attitude will always be remembered!



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