This teacher was different. When the bell

  • This teacher was different. When the bell rang, she flipped over her desk revealing a craps table. We had an hour to win my brother back.

  • We had been foolish to gamble him. Especially for so low a price. The teacher watched us with a thin smile, as if she already knew how this would all play out. But we had a

  • n ace up our sleeve & after they upped the ante with a home ec teacher & hall monitor,we laid out our straight & raked in half of the faculty for our new school. Indentured teacher

  • hood has come a long way since Northern Exposure. In some ways, though, it has gotten worse. It was harder to get good indentured resource officers who were capable & not cowards.

  • It was hard to find cosmetically-altered pets, like that dog Sulu had that one episode. Due South helped ease our Saskatchewanian village's crime rate, though. That was a plus.

  • The minus was that without fear, we Sasquatch had become lazy. We tended to wander out of our village and go down to the campsites to raid the dumpsters at night. The pickings were

  • Slim and his sister Thick and her 3 kids. They were asleep when the Sasquatch slammed the dumpster lid open. “What in wide world of sports is going on out there”, Slim exclaimed.

  • Sasquatch opened the dumpster lid. "You talkin' to me, Slim? I smell blueberry muffins here, or children who have eaten them!" Slim's sister Thick stood up. "These are my children,

  • Bigfoot! They may only be dumpster-diving-delight to a hairy asshole, like you”. Momentarily, Sasquatch was taken aback; then he ate Slim, Thick, and the blueberry muffin kids.

  • For the briefest moment one might have called him Bigbelly. Then he burped and all of that weight went to his feet. They seemed bigger for an instant. Bigfoot burped, hungry again.



  1. St.Molecule May 15 2021 @ 16:41

    I regret having gone with that last comma. It should have been a period.

  2. St.Molecule May 15 2021 @ 16:43

    Just a couple of months and change shy of 8 years in the making.

  3. Woab May 24 2021 @ 10:44

    I think the comma was just right.

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