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As the motorcade passed, John remembered a line from an old song about an outlaw who ended up in Cleveland,

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The first thing I did when I got off the plane was

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Cleaning out my "Junk" mailbox, my eyes were drawn to the ad for Swedish Penis Enlarging cream. If only I was Swedish..

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The TV blared so loudly that he could barely make out the sounds from next door, but he knew his neighbors

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So then I said, "What? No mayonnaise? How do you expect me to eat this pizza with no mayo?." Luigi looked ready to kill.

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The sweatshop owner had a point. I couldn't name another country where you could pay a 12 year-old $1/week to

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Rondo pulled up for a jumper right in LeBron's face. As the ball went through the net he smiled and yelled

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'Well, its about time,' she thought as the plane finally pulled away from the gate. The pilot came on to announce that,

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A panda walks into a bar and orders a meal at the counter. When done, he gets up, shoots the bartender and leaves. Why?

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That song. She had heard it on the radio the day he left the mandala half finished. Now, he was near

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