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I can't remember the moment it came to me...that I would be the last one. It should have been obvious and a conclusion easily derived from the first misstep, but for whatever

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She stopped to take a shot of some swans roosting in a rice field, when suddenly the sky came alive with a cacophony of sound and flapping wings. She stood there, stunned, gaping.

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He opened the book and saw his dad. The pipe. The estranged Senator's wife and of course, the maple scone. What he couldn't believe were the photos. How could

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One time, there were two men, who ran a beauty parlor, three doors down from the evangelical "Four Square Church and Tabernacle." It had been five days since the six o'clock

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One day Daniel Tosh walked into a store and over the intercome said haha its the gay man!

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While in his room I slowly wrapped my mouth around the warmthness of

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Elvin stared at the handcuff that connected him to his valise. "Why must I be a man with a suitcase?"

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It wasn't any fun for me bursting out of her belly. It ticks me off. There's always sympathy for the human growing pod, but none for the alien spawn. What's up with that?

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My fingers tingled as I prepared for my first gig as a guitarist with a rock band. So here I was, the room was dark, the joint smelled of stale drink, I was nervous, yet ...

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She had taken her son to Disneyland. The photos were developed. She couldn't take her eyes off the one with her son and Princess Jasmine. There was something...oh wait, what

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