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the bathroom tiles where cold on her feet. she sat on the lip of the bath tub, listening to the tick tock of the kitchen timer waiting for the sign. he stood outside the door

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these pretzels are making me thirsty!

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Look again at the Maltese vertigo near the keypoint. Subservient feelings will attempt a cover up, but you must not give way. Look and see them, on the canyon cliffs, bleeding on

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Don't piss old St. Nick off this year let me tell ya! The North Pole is not immune to a recession! I heard that if you're on the "naughty" list this year that he's going to

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The books fell from the shelf and onto her head, but they were paperbacks. This was the second quake in five minutes. The first had caused her parents to fall from the balcony.

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The drug cartel has shot up like a weed. Grown beyond his wildest dreams. They were now the government of Mexico, calling the shots. He finally could make

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They had been living in IKEA for 6 mos. now. They ate .99 cent Swedish meatballs everyday and lounged in the model front rooms. When they got sick of a decor, they just walked to

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"Let the dice fall where they may" he said. "But these are dice made from the bezoar we dug from your stomach last month". "It didn't kill me then and it won't --" he started

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The scent of pine covered his fingers and reminded him it was Christmas time when he leaned a cheek against his fist. Only two days left, but five before Christmas. He would never

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No, no, Bruce. Not Butt Pirates. But pirates. They are grammar terrorists.

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