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It was very early in the morning. The sun had not yet reached its zenith and I was already out of bed and getting ready

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I'm a playa at heart; 'cause playahs don't part, it's an art script'n rhymes with auditory arc.

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A priest, a rabbi and a yogi walk into

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It was a win/lose, do or die situation. Praying to the Lottery Gods, he clenched his last five bucks with his arthritic

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Before I turned 30 I had one last thing to do. When I turned onto Cottage Lane, the last person I expected to see was

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It was just me and Budweiser on Green Street, waiting for the girls to show. Johnny Cash was singing about roses and

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I am always amazed that when I pick my nose in public I get that look. As if it is so foreign to people. Why don't they

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I had been locked in the trunk for about an hour when I heard noises outside. I had no idea where I was. Finally the

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Are you looking forward to moving to London? Is it cold in the winter or is it

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I always get the best fortune cookie fortunes. This one told me that I would

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