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Her black hair and matching eyes were almost as hypnotic as the dark brown legs that appeared beneath her denim skirt as reliably as a welfare check on the last day of every month

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The stars burned out one at a time, then in pairs, then in clumps. The night sky was going black and when the moon went out, Stella knew there was about eight minutes before

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The wheel turned and she was transfixed. Only half a turn to go and her life changed forever. She'd win thirty seven dollars. It was enough to buy the used bicycle. It spun like

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"Oi, skunkboy!" shouted Crispin, the school bully. I groaned. " Get yer four eyes over 'ere!" he said, chuckling at his weak joke. " Oh, go and combust why don't you?" I said

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It was her worst nightmare. She was the first woman president in US history. She was also a germaphobe. The campaign had almost killed her, now 4 years of this? She called

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At the end said my friends that they are going to play with me... said little kite and one day all the kites were flying high and high in the sky. That's the best part of the party

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He'd spent eight years in jail for causing an accident that killed an entire family. Kids died. He'd plead innocent, but went to jail. His eyes rose. Toyota had announced a recall

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She sensed that he was alone by the way he stirred his drink, and the huge sky blue vampire cape he'd worn. Nobody'd told him it was a costume party, because it wasn't. This was

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If Jim had one thing going for him, it wasn't good looks, good luck, a lightning fast intellect, nor a sexy cop wife. Each of things was had by Doug, who'd married his own sister

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It was her oath to protect and serve and she was one of the few who took it, and the concept of honor, seriously. He married her without knowing she wanted to be a cop, which made

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