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I was in my room, thinking that if the world im in is just a dream. I recently watched inception and thought that if i try to kill myself i could wake up but knew that this would b

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The Donkey was very large and looked like it could crash a whole town in a matter of minutes.

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The family was gathered around the table, like past Christmases. The table was set with Waterford crystal. Mother brought out the roasting pan. When she lifted the lid, a severed

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The terrible green snake darted forwards with impossible speed. The frightened girl squeezed her eyes shut. She heard the most sickening

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Some scenes that may have led to this decision to stop the telefilm include the portrayal of shirtless men talking in

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One of the doctors who caught the end of it said that he’d knocked down three of them before the last one hit him in the head with a brick.” “A brick!?” I yelped. The floodgates

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I was sitting on my couch eating cheetos when out of nowhere, jumped a tiny man who wanted to take me to

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The light flashed on his answering machine. He stood next to it, wishing he could listen to the messages, but those times were gone. Beside it was a list of songs after his eulogy

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Cratered and vomiting lava, the planet's face reminded him of his high school girlfriend on her period. It was time to dance again, he thought. But tonight, he'd brought protection

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"Wrong!" he shouted with triumph that bordered on eroticism. "You are so bloody wrong that it is putrid and pathetic. You are so wrong you will never be right again." With that he

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