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once upon a time

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I know from first-hand experience that certain parts of that city smell of cat urine and

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Hi, my name is Dirk and I am looking for someone special. I like cherries. I like pineapples, though we call them ananas. And if you read this, I'd probably like to meet you. [end]

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John rushed down the corridor, past the big windows and nurses; the missed call an hour old. He exhaled, relieved. He'd made it to see the baby born. "It was a girl" she whispered.

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When the students entered the cafeteria and found no nachos, a riot ensued.

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He ran to the end of the hall, slipped and crashed into the door. It gave and came off its hinges, crashing into the cart and stopping a surgery. The surgeon threw his scalpel

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Lisa was lying on her bed flipping through her ipod all the while in disbelief that she was even allowed an ipod in this place. Her calandar told her she had

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Pictures stared back at me from the piano. These people were supposed to mean something to me, but so few of them did. One or two I'd give my life for, but the rest were just

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Forty minutes later Lin was helping gather the origami zoo Ken had made Janie. Ken stood up and Lin leaned in and kissed his cheek like he was family. She looked at me and gave me

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I'm Voldemort, and I approved this message. The announcer began, "Albus Dumbledore says he does it all for the children. But let's look at the record. Three times in the last year

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