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Are you looking forward to moving to London? Is it cold in the winter or is it

Finished: 6/4/10 @ 11:45
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I always get the best fortune cookie fortunes. This one told me that I would

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So, I get out of the shower and I notice this rash. I'm not positive how i got it but I'm pretty sure it was from

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Humpty was good in bed. Years of ridicule have clearly fueled his need to please.

Finished: 5/23/10 @ 20:14
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Looking around all he saw were turkeys. Six-foot tall, wild turkeys. He'd been cornered. Now, all he could do was

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I just knew it! The one time I did not need any witnesses to my embarassing acts, she

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I'm so lazy at work that I don't even bother to get up to pee. Instead, I

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It was a long, dusty drive to L.A., but after 4 years BillyBob could hardly wait any longer. He got in his truck and

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Her breath, smokey with condensation, cut through the air like

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As he clung desperately to the edge of the cliff, he wondered how he got there. It must have been when

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