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Why does the universe do this? I opened a fold accidentally (I blamed it on the dog), sorry slimwhitman! It was written in Icelandic, which I dont speak. Of alll the possibilities

Finished: 1/30/19 @ 09:49
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List of future inventions: 1. A strap-on flashlight. 2. Toilet seat recliner. 3. Fruit with genetically engineered barcodes. 4. Spam-baby. 5. Goldfish hamster ball.

Finished: 1/30/19 @ 03:07
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Mary Jane was sick. Maybe it was because of the under cooked spider casserole or the ill advised walk in the ice storm with the Parisian Panda. But otherwise he had no regrets.

Finished: 1/28/19 @ 15:48
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How could I ever trust her if she talks behind my back! This is an important mission and Rebecca was going to ruin it if I didn't stop her first.

Finished: 1/26/19 @ 00:31
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I thought about it again today. I tell myself it is always there. I don't need to entertain it. Like I have anything to entertain it. Here, have this ball of angst.

Finished: 1/25/19 @ 09:50
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Many ignorant, uninformed people think that the Earth is round, and that it orbits the sun. They are, of course, very wrong. The Earth is in fact

Finished: 1/24/19 @ 22:18
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Do you need your squob twiggled? Call Disco Clown Services, where every employee is an expert in twiggling squobs, and we guarantee the best experience and professional results.

Finished: 1/24/19 @ 22:05
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There's another me when I go to sleep and start to dream. I am then living in another Universe. I'm going to sleep to see what's happening to the other me.

Finished: 1/24/19 @ 22:00
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Two eyes and a nose emerged from the rock. Next a mouth opened and spat out a few pebbles. Then the rock man stood up. It wielded a mighty

Finished: 1/24/19 @ 16:14
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"Who's there?" John asked into the echoing darkness. No one answered.

Finished: 1/24/19 @ 05:28