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This is an account of the events that transpired between Mr. Needlepoop and the FedEx delivery man on April 20, 2014. When FedEx rang the doorbell it triggered Mr. Needlepoop’s OCD

Finished: 11/24/20 @ 13:00
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As the sun shines down on the desolate sandlands, the rays glisten off the freshly polished pile of abandoned skeletal remains. The bones had notches and breaks in them likely from

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The wedding was more "Yakety Sax" than "Here Comes the Bride" because

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"I'm gonna make him an Coffin he can't refuse," he said, gently stroking the dead, black cat his arms. For years he'd amassed his power and influence, he had a proper name, but

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One day a girl who was only 7 went to the beach.

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I find it odd that too often a story will say about somebody "they were never seen nor heard from again" and the very next folder will have us hearing or seeing them again.

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In Boston shaker, coat 1oz ice with dry vermouth,give a quick stir,strain ice,pour off vermouth.Add 2 oz London Dry gin to ice.STIR,DO NOT SHAKE! Strain into chilled cocktail glass

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"But Ma, all my friends have internet and streaming!" Nora cried. "Well, this is what we could afford, darling." A moment later, The Mandible in its club chair vibrated into view.

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I was tending bar at Mel Cooley's when Alan Brady sat down and ordered a Buddy Sorrell on the rocks, but I screwed up and served him a Sally Rogers straight up, and he got pissed

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When I told my grandpa that "Baby It's Cold Outside" is actually a song about date rape, he flipped his lid and told me I needed to stop ca-noodling with my tree-hugging friends.

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