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I learned very early the difference between knowing the name of something & knowing something. I held little of the claim that knowing somethings real name gave you control over it

Finished: 11/29/17 @ 04:39
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Vlastomil Keithley cringed when his early paintings came up for auction. Even worse, someone was curating a retrospective of Vlastomil's "Huffy" and "Lame" period paintings. Psych

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it's something new for us to create.

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It took three well-placed shots in the forehead before the creature fell to the ground. There it writhed, twisting and turning, before finally going dormant.

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It was a beautiful morning when my ferry docked on Whale Island. I was Greeted by a strong sea breeze and the eager,high-pitched speak of Mercury Whale.the island mailman.

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Me and my best friend decided to do some shopping before our holiday.

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“How do you know where I was. Were you stalking me?”Luke asked. “Boys make a lot of sounds like a lovesick Minotaur!”Thalia laughed.

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The day he beat Diablo III for the 1,000th time, Satan appeared and offered him his right-hand man position. It seems that, at least to the Prince of Darkness, killing video game

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It was a rainy day in LA which is rare. I braked too late & my cab ran into the car in front of me. I went to exchange addresses & was surprised to see Danny DeVito sitting on two

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She had a voice of an angel with a sore throat.

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