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I was so relieved when my girlfriend told me she was pregnant. I'd been looking for a way out of the relationship and happened to be sterile. She didn't know this. Of course, she

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Takeshi Migamoto ran and ran, until he could not run anymore. He collapsed in front of a karaoke bar. Had he lost them? He heard the Yakuza thugs shouting far behind. He entered

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This story illustrates how people from all generations, culture, walks of life, and philosophies can come together and compose something coherent. It all started with a stolen line

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Lost everything! Honey stocks bottomed out. Heffalump Investments filed Chapter 11. Chief Analyst P.Bear grumbled "Really I'm a bear of very little brain." & took a slow train back

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They're the worst bees. I bet they don't pollinate or make honey or defend the queen they just fly around stinging shit. Nightmare bees, deadbeats, let's all just get together and

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The trick was to have at least one more world than you had illusions. If you had equal or less the illusions died. But with that extra world you could have the illusions feeding on

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Jodar felt lost, like tattered shadows in a blizzard. To find himself he knew he must leave the whirling infoclutter that formed the trivial fabric of his life. At 5:00 AM on a day

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I forgot to remind my mind to forget that I was in operation mind fuck. I didn't mind the fuck. it was the mind I didn't want to fuck with. I didn't want to fuck with the mindfuck

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It was late afternoon in old Indochina. Madame Wong was lying on a low couch on a jjunk floating down the Mekong. She lit a small opium pipe to keep the flies away from her face.

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There was an old man who is known to resolve any problem. One day a girl went to the old man and asked for a piece of advice about

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