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Do you believe in love he asked me? What if it was at first sight? Could you have the belief that this very night i fell in love with you and your beautiful soul?

Finished: 9/16/18 @ 13:47
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This fold is dedicated to Mrs. McGurk and her magic rolls.

Finished: 9/16/18 @ 03:31
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Adam stared at himself in the mirror. He looked at the scar on his chest. He remembered that he got it from

Finished: 9/14/18 @ 15:39
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I took a doughnut and throw like ninja weapon at my big brother, who was hiding under his bed.Suddenly, i heard a crash under my house.When,i look down the doughnut had killed ...

Finished: 9/12/18 @ 12:16
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My stubborn independence wasn't safe here. Reality hires too many impetuses of change to plot against me (stimuli, my ex, etc.). I curled up in a box with my cat, Li'l Schrödy, and

Finished: 9/12/18 @ 00:06
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Being dead sucks ass.... I should know. I've been dead for just over an hour, and it feels like bloody eternity already. There's a crow approaching. Shoo! Leave my corpse alone you

Finished: 9/10/18 @ 07:53
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Once upon a time there was a teacher.

Finished: 9/6/18 @ 23:51
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"WARNING: world catastrophe imminent, please proceed to the nearest space elevator and follow directions from there!" The message blared down the empty streets, papers fluttering

Finished: 9/5/18 @ 22:24
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"The name's Bond. James Bond."

Finished: 9/5/18 @ 08:42
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Did you hear the one about the cross-eyed teacher? She couldn't control her pupils.

Finished: 9/4/18 @ 20:10