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Toby the mud wrestler always overate on Saturdays because

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The Brown Plaid Spinach was "only" a cover band, but most of their covers put the originals to shame. Marty Edgers' worm-eaten Gretsch had something to do with it, haunted by the g

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We were charged with coming up with new cereal concepts revolving around celebrities. Some, like Al Frankenberries, never made it past the concept stage, but others, such as Honey

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Aaron gave her clitoris a quick tickle with his tongue and had at it with the groceries. The next time he came up for air he asked his grandfather, who was on the recliner next to

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An entity aware of it's agency upon which it's reach at essence resolves the formative alienation. From this position a degree of pre-Being extrudes itself before actual Extrusion.

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The man is composed of more mechanical parts than organic matter; the shimmering metal and computerized wiring replacing not just mere limbs, but entire organs as well. He was

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i impinged into your life again. a stimulus, maybe. a horror to escape or destroy. a pathos. I am my facticity phenomenally, in a soul that tends at one as it approaches immortali

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Once upon a time, there was a queen who was...

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In the beginning there was the word. And the word was 'good'

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Ruth looked at me, waiting for an answer - her bright blue eyes magnified by her giant spectacles and the lines on her old, tender face were furrowed in confusion. I finally said "

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