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Vern the Amish guy had a duck growing out of his side and liked to lawn bowl nude with his uncle. I first met Vern back in

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She had painted her fingernails a pale shade of purple, and was now moving onto her toes.

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The following is a list of those poor mascots who perished at the hands of the cereal killer last summer: Crunchy Giraffe, Chocolate Cobra, The Marshmallow Maniac, Sugary Nelson,

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"Why haven't you started potty training them yet?" asked the grandmother, seeming confused and almost a little angry. "Well, they just don't seem ready yet." replied the man.

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Hippos stormed the castle.

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Megan opened the door slowly, hoping with all her might that it wouldn't squeak. Mrs. Gordling was harsh at the best of times, but she might just blow a gasket if she caught Megan

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Once upon a time there was a kitten called Sophia,Sophia is a homeless kitten at the SPCA.One day Someone adopted her to there home but Sophia didn't know that they were very mean

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And here comes president George Bushington now with his enormous

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"Don't forget me when it's over," I said despite how useless the request was. I knew she wouldn't miss me, nevermind remember me. At least I can accep this, even though it kills me

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"Punishment run these in a high-school rallies." Tribec reads, the three contestants try to think of the Jeopardy question, Phil taps in, blurts out, "

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