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I look in the refrigerator and my chicken pot pie is gone. I am the only person living in this house, so naturally, I called the Ghost Hunters Crew to check this out. Surprisingly,

Finished: 12/14/19 @ 09:48
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hola esta es la historia de una chica que salio de su casa una noche y por culpa de la inseguridad de las politicas kirchneristas esa chica nunca mas volovi├│

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A small duck waded into the pod as the sun rose and the streets started to fill up with people on their way to work.

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Some people are born as diamonds in the rough. Others aren't born at all. And some, the lucky few, are born different. And when I say different, I mean blue hair and mind reading.

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I'd never smoked bath salts before. I'd never done any drug before. But here I was, high on bath salts on my way to church.

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The commander of the Cron Aviv starship pounded his fist against the central panel. "Lost in space with no fuel. Awesome. So who wants to push?" The crew hid in the barracks with

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The knight had been sent to slay the fractal dragon: An enormous dragon made out of smaller dragons, who, in turn, were made out of even smaller dragons. It kept going like this

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C'├ętait une fois une petit fille qui voulait devenir une princesse...

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The moment I think I am carefree in this world the unbreakable bindings that keep me in this depression called reality remind me to carry on being me.

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Once upon a time there was a dragon who lived in a cave. Every so often Sally, who lived up the road, would visit the dragon, telling it all of her secrets. But one day the dragon

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