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He forgot that he used to have a name let alone what that name might be or even was. "Is", Custer would say. Sure, from his points of view, my issue is mundane. I don't time travel

Finished: 7/24/19 @ 22:58
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Last night I dreamt I was onstage singing with Bennie and The Jets, Squawkers was in the rafters periodically bombing me with bird poop, Det. Manatee heckled me from the audience

Finished: 7/24/19 @ 04:21
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The fire raged and the house began to collapse in upon itself, a dark shadow began to emerge within the flames at the front door. The figure of a man slowly started to make itself

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How about now? Can we try making a folding story that stays on topic the whole way now?

Finished: 7/23/19 @ 14:32
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if you dont pull over im going to scream rape out this window

Finished: 7/20/19 @ 23:57
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To make a short story long, my trip from the car to the curb could have gone much smoother except I insisted on having my hands full of 2 prepared hot plates of the enchilada speci

Finished: 7/20/19 @ 19:21
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I don't want to drop it. I want to run. I want you to chase me. Come play. I'll lick you. Seriously. Ok, that does it. I'm gonna lick you. Damn it. I dropped the ball. Gah. Gotta

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Jim and Angela had come to the realization that if they stayed healthy for another decade or so, they might live for centuries or more. How then to raise their little meat pies,

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Kaleidoscopic Sniveling Donkey woke up in the sweat lodge with a couple of hangovers and the Sun knocking on his clenched eyes. He sent the lightnings from his anguish to fry them.

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The presidential debate went silent. The politicians, the news anchors, the moderator were stunned. A man took the stage, his scornful mug swept everyone, it was Thomas Paine.

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