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Agent Spitfire Wannamaker, this message if from the Deep Undercover Bureau of Secrecy (D.U.B.S.). For your eyes only. Contains Mission. Will self-destruck in 5 minutes. You must

Finished: 10/5/17 @ 22:20
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When the accidental arrangement meant that Cape's fingertips would have to be severed, he considered his options, as he always had whenever he was forced into a situation like this

Finished: 10/5/17 @ 16:04
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On an elevator with Ëlvÿs the High Elven Elvis impersonator because the escalator was not actually an option. Since elves do not have the concept of gratitude, he keeps having a

Finished: 10/5/17 @ 15:58
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You gaze in horror at the screen of your computer. Your story...your folding story had been perfect! And they completely changed the topic! Your eyes glow red as you reach for the

Finished: 10/5/17 @ 15:50
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So I am thinking of suing the Skittles candy company. Turns out that a rainbow tastes NOTHING like their nasty bag of sugary treats. I figured this out over the past weekend

Finished: 10/5/17 @ 13:06
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And there i saw it, it was big, it was harry, and i was cold

Finished: 10/5/17 @ 11:00
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"This should sort your addiction." Said the doctor as he dangled the carrot in front of Nate's eyes. Hand-cuffing him to the chair, he said "Give it a few days and you'll be sick o

Finished: 10/5/17 @ 10:50
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Looking out the window, Kitten thinks nothing but murder all day.

Finished: 10/4/17 @ 17:24
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Evaporated cane syrup. Really? You think we are dumb enough at this co-op to not know that this is sugar? Gluten-free? Milk-free? Fat-free? Is there anything left in this food?

Finished: 10/4/17 @ 11:04
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On the first day of terror, my stalker gave to me my ID picture weirdly sticky. On the second day of terror, my stalker gave to me

Finished: 10/4/17 @ 10:53