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Jenny works in Leamington Spa

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The Director feels like you should be more patriotic in conducting your business. The Director wants to remind you that all of your Citizen's privileges are only one red mark from

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To avoid getting nipped by the fuzz and ending up in the hoosegow I had to shimmy down a thingamajig and make like a schoenobatist. I'd absconded with a plethora of doohickeys and

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Why is it that every time I say the word "Alfalfa", everyone looks at me like I

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I have an idea!

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IT'S TIME TO PLAY FAMILY FEUD!!!! Name something grandpa would do if grandma tells him she's pregnant.

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My head was pounding; it felt like two elephants playing ping-pong on my forehead. I had the television tuned to CNN, but nobody mentioned anything about the bank heist.

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I think it's the most natural thing in the world to make fun of stuff because things are really stupid. And so if you happen to be a writer and you think a lot of things are stupid

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Cheshire grins drifted from the heavens like fat snowflakes. To be touched meant immediate and perpetual mirth resulting in a long, riotous cachinnate towards death by starvation.

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