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Dr. Moodle also supported the claim that Dr. Seuss had a PhD in environmental science because he predicted the green eggs and ham. Thus, Dr. Moodle was not supported by

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The following narrative was found written on a bank statement envelope in the back pocket of a miscreant youth in Arkham, MA. Near the end the writing becomes an illegible scrawl.

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Na Joana està desconsolada

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Once upon a time, in Filipa's house she started to hear strange noises which came from her closet

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"Where's the remote?" she asked dully, right at the end of the 4th quarter. I glared at her, but extended my retractable arm to change the channel. I had to obey.

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I heard footsteps coming nearer and louder...sweats rolling down my face. " Who's there!?" I shouted. Suddenly a gun pointed at my face...

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I remember when I tripped over my dog and broke my nose on my bedside table and stabbed my eye. Do you remember when

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We were on the Budapest-Prague train. The American opposite was infuriating. He'd paid my excess in dollars as the conductor had refused forints or sterling. But he wouldn't accept

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A gargoyle and a voluptuous blonde assisted The amazing Pamplemousse at the Picadilly. In his shaman costume he'd flimflam the crowd by whispering the magic words "rigaton salami

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Det. Manatee knew the arsonist was either a man with gender issues or a woman, because a CD with Alicia Keys' "Girl on Fire" was glued to the curb in front of each burned out

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