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Doris looked dubiously over at Floyd, who was out on the dance floor. "And this...one," he panted, "is called...the flying kielbasa..." His noticeably sweaty armpits looked like

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אני כותבת, כי אני יודעת לכתוב, וזה מה שצריך לעשות, כדי לנשום ולהיות ואין ברירה אחרת אלא, לכתוב ולהכתב

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The tall one had on a black on black suit. I recognized him from Dispatch. But the shorter one with the bow tie was eyeballing me in a way I didn't cotton to. He said he wanted me

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It was a Sunday afternoon in the park on the island at La Grande Grande Jatte when suddenly Georges Seurat understood the meaning of life. It was as if everything made sense.

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The day the orbs came out of the woods, Benjamin was startled but not surprised. He had heard rumors and intimations for decades, despite the commercial clutter that afflicted his

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I have adopted the practice of pacing...back and forth...left and right...up and down...day-in and day-out...but I'm not really sure why I do it, unless, of course...I happen to be

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"I'm saying YES to this dress!" Susan cried, throwing her arms in the air & twirling around. I tried to smile, but honestly, it was the most god-awful wedding dress I'd ever seen.

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The silent engines glowed like embers as the craft rotated itself on the W-Axis to realign with its original slice-coordinates in four-dimensional space. It then coasted down

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I was spending my holiday in Sherfordshire Upon Mary Kay collecting errant knights when I became involved in this affair. It started when I unburied an errant knight named Sir Ris.

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I want to tell you about you. First off, there you are. You don't know how many didn't make it this far. All of that history to get you to this moment. It suddenly hits you.

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