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Somehow, and maybe several times if ever, at an indefinite moment of the day when the seasons themselves were unclear, I might have been brushed by the vaguest of presentiments

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It's the moments in between that interest her the most- the curled half moon smiles in the rain, sitting outside in the sun,

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Allie carried in the last of her stuff. Phew! First year of college DONE! Made it on the Dean's List too. But should tell her parents what she really learned at college this year?

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"I've done it. I've finally done it," I whisper, wiping several beads of sweat from my brow.

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The kombucha queen drank her last kombucha on June 20th. The cases she had bought at Whole Foods were so famous she annoyed the cashiers. "Here she comes!', cashier #1 said.

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So I asked her. "How can I help you make your dreams come true?" She held up the Happy costume.

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I really didn't think anything of it at first. It looked like any other bathroom stall you'd find at any rest stop in America. I didn't even notice the graffiti message scrawled

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BlastedHeath began to write nearly identical folds day after day. The FS medics sprang into action. They strapped him down on a large table just before he started to froth and conv

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"Your mama!" "My mama what?" "Your mama wears fish stockings!" It was true. There was a tangle of mackerel, sardine & puffer fish caught in them. But my mama was the fishwife

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Hambone hambone have you heard?

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