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One boring day in English 101 class. I decieded to take a small nap, due to the lack of sleep. Right when I fell alseep the teacher,

Finished: 1/20/16 @ 15:41
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After sitting on the bench, joe finally decided to get up and walk on the walkway. After doing this, and interesting thought popped into his head, so he stopped and pndered...

Finished: 10/16/15 @ 08:51
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There she was. Wentl. A perfect little O of green fur, her tail wrapped demurely around her pink, scaly nose. Dgorf didn't want to wake her, so he

Finished: 11/30/15 @ 23:47
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"What's up, Searching Dog?" He turned his yellow eyes on me. I didn't know how to talk to him any more. We used to have beer and burgers on the back deck, but now

Finished: 5/25/16 @ 19:12
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Once upon a time while attending GSU, I was having the time of my life in Reading 4232 class and I noticed that my cell phone kept vibrating out of it's mind. So I decided to

Finished: 4/24/16 @ 18:29
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I dusted off my Wii, content to play it. I pulled out the only game I owned, unplayed for years, the game was Super Mario Galaxy. I remember all the times that I would

Finished: 7/12/16 @ 18:55
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To be listed in the Financial Times annual ranking of the percent of executive bonuses given to charity Mr Pigley would have to dig deep. Last year some top execs gave 0.01% of the

Finished: 5/12/16 @ 13:03
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Red wine,red roses,red lipstick and a fresh layer of red paint in the bedroom walls.

Finished: 1/14/17 @ 08:07
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In the tabletop landscape that is the Midwest there are slumbering giants. Grain Silos. The Crop Circles of Wenona were a sign. Seamus was a watcher. He dusted crops by day,

Finished: 1/14/17 @ 08:03
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It was talked about for years, and it was finally done. The HR Red Flag statue. It stood on Nate's desk proudly & I think he enjoyed the attention. We knew better. We knew it

Finished: 4/17/16 @ 22:21