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Palmistry demonstrated to me that the hand is the spider of the soul. What I ask you is the sole of the foot? I tell you verily after years of podiatric study your foot *snifff*

Finished: 12/21/13 @ 17:46
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It was a school holiday , i went to a buffet with my friends , when we got in , we were surprised to see many sumptuous meal arranged nicely.The smell of the food make our mouth

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I like skittles, and kittens.

Finished: 12/3/15 @ 13:03
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Who said reading mainly fiction was a waste of time? Why today alone, I learned what excelsior & fruit machines are, & most of the $0.25 words I use to purple up my prose came from

Finished: 5/29/16 @ 22:19
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There was a chinchilla named Scout. Scout was different from the other chinchillas. There was something slightly off about him. Scout enjoyed to go on missions to explore.One day

Finished: 12/3/15 @ 11:52
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In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king. Frank had one eye! Only, he wasn't in the land of the blind.

Finished: 11/27/15 @ 00:17
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All I could see was yellow, nothing but yellow. I started to try to look around, agine, just yellow. I looked down, I where lying on a metal hospital bed. I were wearing a simple

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جلست سارة في منزلها وحيدة، غرفة المعيشة مظلمة إلّا من ضوء القمر الذي أشع من النافذة. ترتشف من قهوتها في الظلام الدامس، و إذا بها تسمع صوتاً مخيفاً قادم من حيث تعلّقت صورة جدّتها.

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:Hi A voice came out of no where. :Hi?? You say. :Beware of strange monsters: The voice says again. You open your eyes. You find yourself in a strange room filled with

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'Marzipan,' began Einstein (the first word he had spoken since being exhumed) 'has three tubers more than the average cannibal. Are you writing this down, you scum? Berty...'

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