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Before I turned 30 I had one last thing to do. When I turned onto Cottage Lane, the last person I expected to see was

Finished: 7/23/10 @ 20:55
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It was a win/lose, do or die situation. Praying to the Lottery Gods, he clenched his last five bucks with his arthritic

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A priest, a rabbi and a yogi walk into

Finished: 10/3/10 @ 16:07
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I'm a playa at heart; 'cause playahs don't part, it's an art script'n rhymes with auditory arc.

Finished: 10/3/10 @ 17:36
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It was very early in the morning. The sun had not yet reached its zenith and I was already out of bed and getting ready

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There's something I need to tell you. It's hard for me to say, but I must be truthful. I'm a Scottish highland dancer.

Finished: 10/3/10 @ 20:13
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Among the few things I regret are that I never had a sound understanding of quantum mechanics. Spin? Location?

Finished: 10/4/10 @ 14:48
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Monkeys like butter and banana flavored jelly beans, its hard sometimes to grab these delicacies from small children who

Finished: 10/9/10 @ 11:36
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You will need: 5 helium balloons, 3 packs of mentos, 2 bottles of fanta (grape works best) a lawn chair, a 9 iron. Mix

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Compensating for wind, distance, and the curvature of the earth, Earl took aim at the unsuspecting

Finished: 10/11/10 @ 03:33