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Janine opened the can of spam. She inhaled it's meaty aroma. Her eyes gleamed and she licked the gelatinous goo from the top. She set the can down on the table and stuck a finger

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The moment that 4D4M cannibalized a spare rib from his abdominal enclosure to clone an assistant entity with which to evolve upon this new world, this paradise. For the best gene

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Eeeeee-oooooo-eeeeee-oooooo ---- Uuuuuughhhh (momentary silence) Tshhhh. Sigh...(birds singing) Ahhhh, sigh..........crrrrrrp-rrrrrrrriiip....CURRRRASSSHHHHHH!!!!!!! Oooohhh...

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There once was a princess name Linda. She lived in a magical kingdom in a far away land called Myropia. Lands stretched as far as the eye could see

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July 15th, 1478: I decided to write down everything if anything happens to me, so one could pick up from where I finished. I think I'm on a good way to find the secret formula...

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efdfdfdfd fdfdgdfgdfgdfg gdfgdfgdfgdfgerlgöölgfd

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"Yeah, I have gay characters, so what?" She typed. The other author seemed amused. "R u gay or sumthin" He replied. She rolled her eyes at the spelling errors. "Who gives a fuck?

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When I woke up, I was covered with goosebumps. The feeling was there, constant, but I couldn't remember how it happened. I was asleep when it started. After half a minute, it sta

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"No no I don't think YOU understand" the ad guy said. "I don't want juicy" (he made air quotes). "I want a frikkin flash flood in my mouth! I don't want flavorful. I want a grenade

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i want to eat pancakes! But

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