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Once in a Thai crystal palace there lived a young man who wished to one day be a monk. He chanted the mantra he had composed himself and written down in the black book every day

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Every day and night dream that we'll be together again. I feel all I need in this life is you but at this point it seem illogical because you don't even seem to care about me.

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This fold contains something steamy & sensual. As you read it your face starts to get hot & turn red from all the R-rated material. How could you think of folding this!

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On the away mission Picard liked to wear tennis shoes. Comfort was everything. On that tiny station they found an exact replica of Picard: Picard #2. The transporter beam had been

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"I want to soar with you like a bird & make love as if we were swifts in the air. Our sky is too bright to be taken down yet. Please come back to me." She deleted the text & walked

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"Do you love me like, oh, the mighty ocean crashing on the shore or something?" "Yah, I guess so." The romance was finished! Scott Tuba knew in his bones it was a bestseller-to-be

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The green fedora hat was well preserved and made the red wolf look dapper, according to the news reports.

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I'm new to this site and would like someone to give me some info x: So no, this is not an actual story start. Thing. Help x:

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Aunt Peachie smiled showing a polished set up dentures. "Come sit on Aunty's lap & let me give you a hug." I had no choice. As I clambered up I caught a whisp of her almond breath

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So there was once a guy who liked pie right? And this guy basically would do anything for pie, cause you know he loves pie. So one day this guy is just walking in the neighbo

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