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"Unlike you, a bully- I'm a s u g a r pie h o n e y bunch."

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ArmorStatusHUD BspkrsCore IngameInfo StatusEffectHUD TreeCapitator DamageIndicators AdvancedMachines AppliedEnergistics AromaCore Autoutils Bdlib BigReactors BinnieMods

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Flotilla Bathos was languishing in the windowless desiderium one morning when the butler brought in her daily salmanazar of wine. "How is your prolapse today, madam?" "Chives, what

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"Mother, when are our cousins expected to arrive?"

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To mark the anniversary of his creation of the universe. God organized a gargantuan firework. A really really Big Bang.

Finished: 1/12/21 @ 19:45
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I and my friends went to the cinema threatre when, we got there the movie was about to begin, we quickly sat down and we started munching our popcorn somebody kicked our legs ....

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She could feel it calling to her. Much like she could feel her sisters searching for her every night. They had been hunting for what seemed like forever, but hadn’t come to release

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One typical night in the Loon and Harlot good ole Jez Osborne confided that he was, in fact, The Kraken. He stopped me before I opened my gob. "Believe you me, I'm awake. See those

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Burt was so happy he decided to give it a second chance. But then the happiness totally vanished, what he saw in front of him was big, nasty and full of swarming

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It was too much really. Precious memories was playing & I couldn't recognize anyone in the photo album. I needed help. I took the album and ran out the door. Only if anyone could

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