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If lettuce is so slimming, how come there are fat rabbits?

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Jack Knight donned his helmet & lowered the canopy. He'd wanted to be a fighter pilot as long as he could remember but lived in fear his jet would explode in a fiery plume of death

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I decided to take dance lessons from Ronnie's Dance, Trance, and Pants Studio, run by the great Ronnie himself. When I found out that Ronnie was working for the CIA, things got

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Dirk was stirring his coffee with his usual steely purpose. He emphatically unwrapped two sugar lumps, examined them closely and rejected one as substandard. He dropped the more pe

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DarkMaster must have cast a spell on the Broncos, 'cause right now, they're suckin' pretty bad.

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"Oreius,feed our prisoners to the LYTHIAN DRAKON.Luke commanded."Luke,my brother is going to lose against that CYCLOPS."shouted Agreius.

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Shannon despaired. She had no purple in her Prosperity sector. She had a spiral staircase and spiral staircases drain chi faster than a rat up a drainpipe. As for her Career corner

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"So, there we were, two miles behind enemy lines, dressed as nuns and smuggling munitions to La Resistance in our wimples, when Lieutenant Hereford had the capital idea of using

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The rain splashed against the bottoms of his shoes as he ran through the midnight shower. The zombie ninjas were hot on his trail and he was running out of options, when suddenly

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Everything that living things do can be understood in terms of the jiggling and wiggling of atoms. Christian focused the stage of his microscope. What were the animacules doing?

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