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The falling snow deadened all sound and made the silence softer. In the garden, a magpie swooped down and picked up a dead mouse the cat had left on the path. In my warm bed I lay

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So IF by the time this story ends, MoralEnd has over 10,000 points, everyone on FoldingStory is going to Hawaii to celebrate this great milestone in FS history. If he doesn't,

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The wild west saloon fell silent when Baby crawled in. Gun hand at his hip, Snake-eyes Muldoon spoke in whiskey throated baby-talk "Ain't you a cute widdle oobity-boo? Yes you are!

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Tim lived in a rundown cinder-block walk-up known to most of the adults in Huntsville as "that goddamn eyesore on Maple Street" and to all of the children as "the murder tower."

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It was a dark and stormy night which is unusual considering it was three o'clock in the afternoon and not a cloud in the sky. The air was thick with humidity and the weatherman was

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Hoover was able to make a scale model of the Kremlin out of used

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The highest of honours have endowed me today. A writer named Ambika, of whom had higher stature than me, decided to follow my path in the Quest of the FoldingStory. My joy was

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Frank and Mary Johnson felt shut down, moving through dark water after the school massacre, but when the reporters showed up, they loaded their shotguns on principle, and not one r

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La Biblia

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Uncle Bernie knew he didn't have the noggin for a Noble, but figured he could snag an Ig-Noble prize. He showed chicken plucking could be used to measure tornado winds speeds,

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