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ACN was the first author of this folding story. This first fold had 165 characters with more than 10 words. This story will have 10 folds by the time the story ends.

Finished: 1/3/19 @ 00:30
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He was the perfect man. Sitting across from him on our 1st date, I admired his smile, the way his eyes twinkled in the candlelight, his laugh. Only 1 thing: Green slime was drippin

Finished: 12/28/18 @ 02:29
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Kimberley Stockholm was a godzilla - she had arms that were a mile long, teeth that you could see your reflection in, and her breath...YEEEEESHHHH!

Finished: 12/29/18 @ 03:43
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The pianist took a bow, but the audience wanted her to continue playing. They wanted an encore. Excited, the pianist returned to his piano. It was his time to shine. He began

Finished: 1/6/19 @ 09:45
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You know people will always try to bring you down but you hold your head head high and stand for something.

Finished: 1/19/19 @ 19:23
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At first I was conservative with my likes. I used to hand them out very sparsely, until one faithful day the ghosts of Christmas educated me on the liberal cause. Now I hand them

Finished: 1/1/19 @ 19:35
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"I love your garden," she laughed. I showed her the chocolate mint, the lavender, the nightshade....

Finished: 12/23/18 @ 21:22
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Did I just hear the Wilhelm Scream or was I just imagining it again?

Finished: 1/15/19 @ 13:54
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"A 24 hr bus ride to Tijuana Ricardo! What in Cojones are we gonna do all this time?" But Ricardo was prepared & pulled out one bottle of coke, one of tequilla and two plastic cups

Finished: 1/19/19 @ 08:44
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Before the cranial lobotomy, I was deeply depressed--manic. . .to the point of suicide. . .but, thanks to the handy work of Dr. Demented, and the staff at Psycho No More, I am

Finished: 1/21/19 @ 20:37