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My spaniel, Birdy, loves me very very much. But if she could find a way of doing it without getting told off, then she'd eat me all up. I have no illusions about this whatsoever

Finished: 6/29/18 @ 13:01
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Salt cabbage, pickles, turnips & soak in soy sauce a few hrs. Bury cabbage, pickles, turnips, ground chili, ginger, roast sesame, salted dried shrimps, & szechuan pepper in a crock

Finished: 7/11/18 @ 17:40
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Do you ever think of the very real possibility that not all of your friends will die of old age? Because I do. Every single day. Oi, why does being a reaper have to be so difficult

Finished: 7/13/18 @ 20:53
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"Church, man! Church! I'm really go'in to church!" Germaine confidently asserted. Eric was in shock. REAL shock, "Seriously? Dude - what happened to you?" "I got religion. I'm

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Cairn searched the the depths of his memory for the stupidest joke he could think of. "What's a dentist's favorite time?" he quipped.

Finished: 7/13/18 @ 20:43
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'Twas a bright and sunny day outside, but inside the mind of Lyra Burns, things were much different.

Finished: 6/23/18 @ 09:23
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"One man's junk is another man's pacifier,"

Finished: 7/8/18 @ 00:03
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If the pen is mightier than the sword why are we not sending a packet of biros to Afghanistan? Robert pondered in deep thought about how to win a war with pens. The literal

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"I want my beard groomed. I was told this was the place?" The stylist gave my bare face a quizzical look. I made a clip motion at hip level."The stylist deadpanned, "I don't trim

Finished: 7/13/18 @ 09:19