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Here's a new twist for Apple Brown Betty: Take 5 good-sized Granny Smith apples, peel, then slice. Let them soak in lemon juice and brown sugar while you grind up a little

Finished: 12/18/17 @ 17:37
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The cat left a deliberately placed turd, like a war declaration from the dark side, in the middle of the left side of the bed. The next day, another on the right side of the bed.

Finished: 12/20/17 @ 11:24
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It was Joe's idea to eat Tim. I ain't never liked anything more than beef and chicken, so the thought of eatin' Tim turned summersaults in my stomach. Still, 6 days without food

Finished: 12/20/17 @ 11:32
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when i was sleeping while i saw a ghost with blood stained in it"s mouth and was coming towards me with a hamburger with bloody worms and venom of snakes in the burger, i woke up..

Finished: 12/21/17 @ 16:22
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Out of sight, out of mind.

Finished: 12/22/17 @ 19:45
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The ochre yellow oozed off of the canvas in a distinct puddle on the museum floor. The night watchman didn't notice, and casually walked through it.

Finished: 12/23/17 @ 00:01
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His hands were all over the place.

Finished: 12/23/17 @ 11:06
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And for the 57th pick of the NFL Draft, the Saint Louis Rams pick

Finished: 12/23/17 @ 11:17
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Stephen looked at his mother as she lay on her deathbed. Her final words escaped her mouth. "Stephen...what is love?"

Finished: 12/23/17 @ 14:35
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This is a message saying that the government has NOT been taken over by mutant moth men from outer space. That will be all.

Finished: 12/23/17 @ 21:20