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Palmistry demonstrated to me that the hand is the spider of the soul. What I ask you is the sole of the foot? I tell you verily after years of podiatric study your foot *snifff*

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Jutting out of the wall was another decomposing hand. "What have I gotten myself into." Thought Margie. Careful not to soil her dress. She picked it up by the hems and continued wa

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Now that Yoda was gone, the Degobah system was all his. Finally. No more kowtowing to the "Jedi Master." He was free to do whatever he wanted with this boggy paradise

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The apocalypse of 2012 had gotten off to a slow start, but once it was underway it was a great time from beginning to end. This was definitely the apocalypse with the most alcohol.

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There are times when the left hand knows nothing of what the right hand believes, and so it was that gloomy day in Moscow in 1968, when Gorsky put on his overcoat and stepped into

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Let me begin by declaring that I have not now, had not in the past, and will not in both the near and distant future have conversation with or attempt to collude with anyone from

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I pretended to pretend that I was pretending but I couldn't pretend that I could pretend that well. They all admitted that they had seen me in that state. Why no heads up? Friends

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Зефир празднует Новый год Сказать спасибо тем, кто сделал ваш год прекрасным Важно поблагодарить тех, кто сделал ваш год особенным! Говорите чаще спасибо - жизнь вам улыбнется!

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Dave and Flip Floimhaven Flanderhoff were good-natured idiots, but idiots nonetheless. Dave's dad's company devised a time machine, and the two dressed as animals to fight the Nazi

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Pythia had gorged on Gigantes Plaki again & had terrible gas. She expected illustrious company for an important session of gastromancy. Plato was consulting the Oracle of Delphi

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