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There is curling and then there is toe curling. And then there is toe curling while curling. Most people wouldn't want to combine the two, but Wendy Weagle wasn't most people.

Finished: 5/3/20 @ 20:47
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She drifted away, on a warm Summer day, like veils twirling, shadows sterling, both the waves and sky; watched her disappear; growing distant more and less near, said goodbye.

Finished: 5/3/20 @ 20:54
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I dated a girl once by the name of Debbie Teeth who went by the nickname Spooky Tooth. Seems that I broke her heart, so she busted my jaw, and I had to eat my food through a straw.

Finished: 5/4/20 @ 07:09
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Are you going to the Writer’s Block Party? Take the Pineapple Express north & exit at Indica Ave. Walk two blocks east to Sativa Street; then go south until you see the Purple Haze

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My mom's cat was named Thomas Jefferson.

Finished: 5/5/20 @ 21:13
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I saw what I did that morning at the diner had caused a ripple that came back to hit me just now by her slamming the door in my face. "It was only a cup of coffee".

Finished: 5/6/20 @ 15:56
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Strangeness was rampant in Mr. Nucleon's house. Boson trees dropped their fruit into the Fermi sea in the garden. Schroedinger's cat winked from its branches. Dark matter

Finished: 5/6/20 @ 21:53
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Every moment the amount of information that was being saved by every server on the internet was that much more information that somebody knew about anybody on the planet. Even you.

Finished: 5/7/20 @ 06:10
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With tomorrow being Valentine’s Day, that little zig-zag shirt wearing blockhead of a kid, will surely receive a big, heart shaped box of rocks from his so called friends, who

Finished: 5/7/20 @ 23:18
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In a narrow street, on a remote part of town SlimWhitman, Slim Dusty and Slim Shady walked into a bar and ordered 3 Slim Fast Shakes from the willowy looking bartender. SlimWhitman

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