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After you read the Good Book, everything else is bad. And I have graduated from the School of Hard Knocks, but there ain’t nothing do prepare you better for life than the Good Book

Finished: 10/22/19 @ 01:51
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I burst through my own chest finally, but not before I fell onto the table, scattering my friends' cell phones and entrees. I emerged refreshed, like a gelatinous, elegant phantasm

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The headlines were emblazoned with "Jack, Jill Fall Down Hill, Severe Injuries" . Jack really didn't like the attention, but Jill was happy for it. She just got to show off her

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And now the story of how I got that scar. Lenny "The Knife" and I were out tipping a few whiskeys one night. Lenny was talking to this girl with an intricate facial tattoo of a key

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كانت طفولت احمد عصيبة فهو من أسرة فقيرة وكانت أوضاعهم المعيشة صعبة جداً مما اضطر وهو في عز شبابه ان يسافر للعمل في الخارج ليوفر حياة كريمه له و لأسرته و لكن لم تكن الغربة سهلة أبدا

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Hooded figures stood in a circle, their voices unified in ancient song. But for a ring of candles burning on the floor before a high altar, the room was black as night. Darkness ..

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Weedy flower gardens crept slowly into increasingly narrow strips of lawn. I was having a conversation with my friend.Suddenly, something started pulled my leg....................

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Phil had been away on business for a long time. He was very homesick and couldn't wait to see his wife again. He opened the door and saw

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Putting down the paper he went out to the garage. His victim was still tied to the chair, but awake. "You know what is going to happen next?" a scared "No" was uttered, but he knew

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When i was reading my book, my brother played a prank on me. He brought a pail of dirty undergarments and put it all over my head. And then i was so fed up that i..........

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