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I am not exactly famous for my insight but I am not unaware that my body and I are not the best of friends. Just now though I found myself and my body on the same page as I experie

Finished: 7/25/19 @ 14:00
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Amelia slumped against the back of the seat, head turned slightly to face the car window. Her eyes glazed over as she stared outside at the passing streets. Everything had begun to

Finished: 7/25/19 @ 14:03
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Lady Midday visited me today. I was walking along the lane in the hot sun when she joined me. She's young & pretty and I laughed in spite of my headache. I can't stop thinking abo

Finished: 7/26/19 @ 06:01
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"Dwarf planets got no reason to live.They got wimpy tectonics, and puny little moons, cluttered eccentric orbits and their inhabitants are goons. Dwarf planets got no reason. Dwarf

Finished: 7/26/19 @ 20:23
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Litze emerged sobbing from the cafe's bathroom. She was just off the bus from Estonia and hadn't seen a flushing toilet in 2 years. Budapest was paradise

Finished: 7/28/19 @ 00:00
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When you die, is it better to be an accountant in the mashes of Yuutan Bay's Blue Plate Special or is it better to be the ass end of a black ops mission that was going South so fas

Finished: 7/28/19 @ 10:40
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One day I will go to Dallas to see the rodeos.

Finished: 7/29/19 @ 00:27
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Now entering orbit. Step down phase six completed.Commence countdown phase 5. Admiral. Emergency emergency. Runaway reactor. It's gone critical. All personnel to emergency stations

Finished: 7/29/19 @ 08:04
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I d d d don't remem m m m ber when I began t t t t to stutter. When I was a ch ch ch child, half of my

Finished: 7/29/19 @ 15:08
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I did a monstrous number of respectable things for a lot of bad peopleā€”or maybe I did a substantial number of terrible things for a lot of good people. I hate people. I love me.

Finished: 7/29/19 @ 22:41