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She was very appreciative of my services and promised to cure me of my Coulrophobia. She told me that we needed to steal the emperor's first child

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"So this fella" said Nock, "how will I recognise him?" Nick sighed "Because, Nock, he will be wearing a hat styled like a guitar amplifier".

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Your grandfather was injured in a freak elk hunting accident while reading 'literature' in the outhouse. Uncle Russes shot ricocheted off the elks antlers through the moon cutout

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Patrick Pending usually kept his silence when this kind of thing came up, as this kind of thing often did in the course of time. But on this occasion, his pent-up pendant utterance

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"Hello? Yes, hello this is Dingy Donk. Is this Gingerbread Guy?" Dingy was hopeful that this time it would be different, that his new college roommate liked smelling shoe too.

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Ever since Jen had purchased the dancewriterâ„¢, her writer's block and extra pounds were a thing of the past. Today she'd tap danced an essay on Exercise Software for New Yorker

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The doorbell rang and I excused myself to answer at it. Standing there was the old man from the State Farm commercial, with his fishing rod with a dollar bill baiting the hook. "I

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"Wow, what's THIS?" The taste tester's eyes lit up as he took another bite. Product developers at McDonald's knew they had a hit on their hands when they created the Tripe Burger.

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She broke the kitchen chair over my head. "Look, if you don't want any coffee, all you have to do is say so," I complained, wiping the blood from my eyes. I was sick & tired of my

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"So, tell me about yourself," said my new psychiatrist. I just sat there & looked at him into uncomfortable silence. Then I reached into my bag & pulled out my Howdy Doody puppet.

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