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She laid on the ground. Sick. Decapitation. Her head faced east. Her neck bloody and ragged. And in the pool of glistening blood was a slice of apple pie. I lit a smoke to think.

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That guy is gone now. We are his wake. He always leaves us behind to do the hard work. The plodding and trudging, that is our plate. Still, we're standing at least. Some can't do

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I could spend an hour watching her garden and nothing more! And even when off-angle, tilting ever-so-closer to complete balance, both physical and mental balance I enjoy the view.

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So, I couldnt decide if it was really profitable to smuggle bear paws. Sadly, my partner in crime thought I said bear claws, & it was over from there. 15K of sugary goodness had 2

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He was the perfect man. Sitting across from him on our 1st date, I admired his smile, the way his eyes twinkled in the candlelight, his laugh. Only 1 thing: Green slime was drippin

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if you don't go to school,

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Nigel liked to watch. Growing up with Bride of Frankenstein, The Godfather & the Thing from Another World, he had a rather distorted idea of human relations, so when his caretaker

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Adolf stood mesmerized by the image in his mirror. He could never

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Kimberley Stockholm was a godzilla - she had arms that were a mile long, teeth that you could see your reflection in, and her breath...YEEEEESHHHH!

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Even at that late hour, Amanda's eyes burned like death suns as William returned to bed. "Do you always have to 'pad across the floor' on the way to the bathroom? Couldn't you just

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