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hello. there. was. a boy. and he. was. really. cool. he did not. have a lot. of friends. he was there. to go out. but he didnt like anyone. whatever. so weird.

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In retrospect, the idea of glass toilet paper, while appealing in some respects, perhaps was not of his more thought-out inventions, nor had the sandpaper variety caught on as much

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All stories are love stories.

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The explorer blankly gazed at his compass. Only three days left. All of his crew were screaming behind him because they had reached their final test on this voyage: a

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"No, Jaspers did not write your name on the couch in sharpie. Come out of your room when you are ready to tell the truth." Closing the door, I looked at the dog. "We need to talk."

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Tired of boyfriends who don't understand your needs? Husbands who sit on the sofa & drink beer? Meet Adam, off-the-shelf Individuality. Just download your desired partners personal

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The dew of the almond trees sappling branches reflected the Moon's silver light, as Inspector Antonio Vermillingua followed the ant trail along the Villas crumbling perimeter wall

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Dammit! My husband, Jefforama, is beating me at FoldingStory! Sure, I have more points, but his average is higher. Why must everything in our marriage be a competition?! Jefforama

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Ever have one of those moments when you just go "Fuck life" that you're more naive than you are, or to be swallowed up by the floor? Once upon a time Joe was having this same probl

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Say what you will but I have never met a bad idea I didn’t like.

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