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A is for alligator. They are green, they like to live in Florida and sometimes they eat small dogs. If you rub their bellies, they get sleepy.

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Retired Inspector Lewis met his young friend at the Potato Bug Museum off Trafalgar Square. "I don't mean this snarkily, James, but should we call you Reverend Hathaway now?" James

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Ana was carrying 2 huge bags of groceries back to her flat near the Gare du Nord. A kerb-crawler was following her, door open: "Viens ici cherie" "You think I'm a tart with snacks?

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Sure people liked Andy, Opie and Goober. You have your big fans of Floyd the Barber. But I always had my heart stolen by that self-deprecating officer of the law, my Barney.

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And I was still,but I was under your spell, when I was told by Jesus all was well. So all must be well. Just give me time. Well you know your desires and mine. So wrap my flesh in

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"Time is way out of joint," said The Doctor to Romadric as they examined the graffiti on Dustula V. "This shouldn't be here." But it was: BAD MANATEE tagged on the transmat dock.

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I been foldin' since been foldin' since been foldin' since been foldin'. My daddy was a folder. My daddy's daddy was a folder too. Shoot, I been foldin' since before foldin' was

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"Frrrrrrrrrrrrt!" I sighed. Uncle Luther was at it again. Every year he'd sit there at our family holiday party and pretend that the house was creaking. And every year we'd pretend

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Choosing the right chocolate out of the box is a very important decision. I don't like the cream-filled ones & those are usually round. Square is caramel. Which ones have the nuts?

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The most beautiful thing in the universe: it called itself "THE ERASER". It was a living thing, but never should have lived. When lifeless, it can be controlled. The creature has

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