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Something weird happened to me today. I was sitting at work when I noticed a doorway appear out of the corner of my eye, but when I turned to look at the doorway, it disappeared.

Finished: 2/21/18 @ 12:46
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She looked down at her father's grave. She had tears in her eyes. A frown that could make the devil cry riddled her face. She broke down and wept, saying

Finished: 2/21/18 @ 18:13
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"You know, it's crazy how we finish each other's..."

Finished: 2/21/18 @ 23:52
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The broken promises didn't bother her as much as the broken heart but they didn't help when they started coming around to get paid. A re-compensation, they called it. I still had

Finished: 2/22/18 @ 15:52
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He gulped down his last swig of Maalox and then he champed down on his last piece of candy cigarette. As the early morning sun captured his eyes, all expression escaped from his

Finished: 2/22/18 @ 22:15
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I was paralyzed. All I could do was watch the ghostly white Count open his maw to drink the blood from my neck but when I saw his teeth, instead of two sharp fangs, two cashews

Finished: 2/22/18 @ 23:04
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Wilfred Brimley scowled at the children at the table. "Eat your Goddam oatmeal!" he spat, spraying bits of Jimmie Dean sausage & scrambled egg across the table into their terrified

Finished: 2/23/18 @ 07:09
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Ladies and Gentlemen, are you tired of Disco Clowns stealing the pies off your windowsills? Then try new Chuckle Acidâ„¢, the spray that dissolves clowns in seconds. Just spray and

Finished: 2/26/18 @ 23:43
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today was a day to remember. I heard the word

Finished: 2/26/18 @ 23:56
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You can't blame Sidney for farting as a defence against unspeakable dread. It gave her courage & distance from the unfolding carnage & the retched smell kept the killer at bay

Finished: 2/28/18 @ 17:01