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She woke up with a scream. That dream had been nothing like she had ever experienced before. She could've sworn that the world around her had simply and elegantly ceased

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It was a head on a dolly. A bloody dolly. But the head wasn't dead, the eyes looked around and it mouthed words to people. It rolled around scaring the bajesus out of

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One day I got bored and decided to make a golem. Finding the clay was easy enough, and I had the free time, so, before I knew it, I was standing before a 6' clay simulacrum of

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To become someone great is a terrible ordeal that only few pass, and Sampson wasn't going to be one of them. He had never wanted to be great, he had only ever wanted to leave his

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Mabel was sick and tired of her tiny piglet, but didn't want to piss off the animal activists by doing anything too hasty. Scooping up the squealing porker, she shoved Wilbur into

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"I want my beard groomed. I was told this was the place?" The stylist gave my bare face a quizzical look. I made a clip motion at hip level."The stylist deadpanned, "I don't trim

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Imagine my surprise when the jaguar tattooed on my bicep looked up at me and roared. Hacking bits of phlegm onto the sawdust floor, Earl turned off his tattoo machine and peered

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Dog goes woof Cat goes meow Bird goes tweet & mouse goes squeek Cow goes moo Frog goes croak & the elephant goes toot Ducks say quack & fish go blub and the seal goes ow But there'

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Cartier klokker Rolex klokker

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At yet another funeral for Holmes, some grimy urchin, far from its squalid ward, addressed me. "My dear Watson, it seems I am become to some extent an hermaphrodite." Astonished, I

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