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Andrea y Julian estaban jugando en el parque cuando se acerco su abuela y les dijo que ya se tenian que regresar a la casa porque tenian que cenar

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The Shambly Man in his tattered cloak showed up in in the clean and gleaming quarters of Starbase 12, far from the woods of his youth. He tried to greet the people there, but

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"Nnope!" I mumbled to myself as I moved the character away from the Minotaur, a boss in this nonsensical game. "Gotta heal fast-" A furry fist passes through my screen and punches

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"Hey Paul, a viewer sent these in. The Top 10 reasons to fold stories: 1. It's a place where your bizarre twisted humor is seen as a plus.

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Meanwhile, on Innuendo Island, Bob Uppindown winked a brown eye at fellow camp counselor Shirley Knotty. They sat on the shores of Lake Likkaflappaskyn, playing a baudy game of

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Wendy was just about to go to sleep when she saw something. It was a young bird, flying with feather in his cap, and a pan flute. It Was Squawkers Pan. She was so delighted.

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