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"The gate is closing!" screamed the henchman, kicking his legs giddily as he waves his arms in a triumphant stance. He was probably even more excited than the actual participants.

Finished: 11/15/18 @ 14:22
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The 107-year old man picked up his rifle and aimed through the front room window. He put the crosshairs over his grandaughter's triple scoop ice cream cone and squeezed the trigger

Finished: 11/15/18 @ 16:02
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The wife laid out a dandy of an Easter basket for little Jimmy. But Daddy had the munchies some'n fierce. You don't think he'd miss just one chocolate bunny do you?

Finished: 11/15/18 @ 15:46
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I looked at the ingredients label of my pie. "Ingredients: pie" That was it.

Finished: 11/14/18 @ 07:43
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In Bob's back yard, night fell later in summer, but when it fell you couldn't even see the starless sky. Bob sensed something being silent, something that knew he was listening

Finished: 11/13/18 @ 12:05