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Mabel was sick and tired of her tiny piglet, but didn't want to piss off the animal activists by doing anything too hasty. Scooping up the squealing porker, she shoved Wilbur into

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To become someone great is a terrible ordeal that only few pass, and Sampson wasn't going to be one of them. He had never wanted to be great, he had only ever wanted to leave his

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Farewell Mr. Nimoy. May your katra live on among us and teach us the wisdom we need to survive in a harsh universe, to live long and prosper.

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"Call me Fowzella the Fierce. No, call me Ingrid Widdershins. Wait... Nadia... erm... Fine. I'm Jenny. I'm an aspiring time travel travel detective, but I've failed all the exams.

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Imagine my surprise when the jaguar tattooed on my bicep looked up at me and roared. Hacking bits of phlegm onto the sawdust floor, Earl turned off his tattoo machine and peered

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Salt cabbage, pickles, turnips & soak in soy sauce a few hrs. Bury cabbage, pickles, turnips, ground chili, ginger, roast sesame, salted dried shrimps, & szechuan pepper in a crock

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Luke was walking down the dark alley home late at night. He had just came home from a party when a howl ho a wolf was heard.Attempting to get home as fast as possibe he ran.Then...

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Detective Manatee tutted and mused upon lost time as he left the sparsely attended IMAX 3D showing of "Vending Machine Perspective". Who could he call? Who could he trust?

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If the pen is mightier than the sword why are we not sending a packet of biros to Afghanistan? Robert pondered in deep thought about how to win a war with pens. The literal

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