It was then that I decided to become a symbiote.

  • It was then that I decided to become a symbiote. Why deal with the hassle of driving to a supermarket and shelling out half your paycheck for food when you could just get your

  • nutrients from the thoughts of small minded people? I loved my new life as a symbiote. Angry thoughts are chewy, annoyance is crunchy but my favourite - boredom- is buttery and

  • with a beer aftertaste. As a symbiote I decided to gorge on boredom. I forced my host to go to church, then to an insurance seminar, then to an inter-faith dialogue symposium.

  • We even sat through Dell Griffin's pitch several times. We ended up with a bunch of shower curtain rings we would never need but boy were we properly bored.

  • My mum needed shower curtain rings so I gave them to her. Dell Griffin was her guardian angel at a time when she was broke. I got a reward, which will be a surprise. Good enough.

  • "No, not good enough!" said Capt. Shower Curtain. He flew into my Mum's bathroom cowled in a shimmering shower curtain made of fairy dust. He told her its fine fabric was invisible

  • and mildew resistant, but my Mum just screamed at the sight of a naked man in her bathroom. Captain Shower Curtain screamed back because she had all ready pulled down her knickers

  • and it's a damn shame...that's all he could say, over and over, again: It's a damn shame!" For thirty years, nobody threw a whistle her way...nobody contorted their eyes and neck

  • to look at her, nobody dare mention her name. For she was but a mere memory nowadays. That's what fame does to you, you see. One day you're hot, the next you're not. She just

  • vanished from the world's stage. I hear she's moved to a little cottage in the mountains where she paints pictures of the local bird life. Maybe she'll finally feel at peace.



  1. Woab Dec 14 2018 @ 12:43

    Poor Mum. She seems to have been oblivious to Captain Shower Curtain's apparent sexual preferences. But maybe it's just as well.

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