The first facepalm came when I erronneously

  • The first facepalm came when I erronneously marked the Folding Story email as "spam". The second came when I couldn't find the address in the block list to unblock. Oh god, why?

  • I'll tell you why because the term email client is foreign to me and I don't have my own domain name or run my own email server. If I did I'd probably have a catch all default addr

  • esses which would be a-" Her hand went up. He was a nerd. She was hot. She didn't need to let him finish sentences.

  • With a cat-like swiftness, she inserted her entire fist into his throat and unfurled her fingers. His muffled cries sounded something like "Afwagguh ehbd guh nehhgg cwach", but she

  • pretended not to understand what he was saying. 'Typical,' he thought, spitting her fist out with a few teeth. He'd only come in to borrow a tin of anchovies. His pizza would be

  • getting cold and he still hadn't got any anchovies. It was time for drastic measures. He'd have to venture outside in his search. He was not looking forward to it but a man's gotta

  • do what his wife wont. He pressed play on the CD player, and to dramatic music, he put on his boots and marched out the door. "For the anchovies!" He yelled, fist pumping the air.

  • "Cheez, will you turn that down?" his wife said saucily. "NEVER!" the man cried & continued marching down the street, shouting, "AN-cho-VIES! AN-cho-VIES!" A crowd gathered behind

  • him, but they settled into "Pepperoni and pineapple! Pepperoni and pineapple! " Across the street, an angry hoard of sausage and mushroom enthusiasts threatened to turn ugly.

  • The last thing I imagined was a PizzaRiot. I remembered what my mamma always said, "When in Rome, turn on the tunes" So, Pizza In Ibiza it was! Music does sooth the savage beast!



  1. CrazyBananas Mar 25 2013 @ 09:58

    and just in case you're not familiar with this magnificent tune. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bFS-RzIpRd0

  2. SlimWhitman Mar 25 2013 @ 13:09

    What fun - makes me want a pizza with everything. Hope GB got the block sorted out. Sardonic wit is a spice around here.

  3. Lithium Mar 25 2013 @ 15:54

    I want those pizza costumes. :3

  4. lucielucie Mar 25 2013 @ 18:29

    Beefa! I like how they rhyme cheese with venereal disease.

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