Rain puddles. What glorious, gloomy, gloppy

  • Rain puddles. What glorious, gloomy, gloppy ways to celebrate autumn! And *that* one looked like one of the gloppiest best. Sinjohn burst into a sprint, gathering himself to leap

  • galoshes first into the gloppiest gloopiest stinky squishy puddle. Coated with mud from head to toe he trapsed off to school. He wanted to show and tell about his fathers job in

  • hedge funds. So at show and tell he said, "My Daddy is a ball buster." The little boy holds up a bag of coke. "My dad wins clients with nose candy." The teacher wasn't paying

  • attention anymore, she was bored to death with lying to a bunch of so-called ADHD "havers" that they could ever find gainful employment after being educated. So she took the class

  • on a field trip to the video game arcade, while being devoid of educational value, it kept the little brats occupied. Even though she risked being fired, she didn't care anymore.

  • On top of that, the manager of the video game store was the crazy hot star of the football team [hey, it could happen] and she wanted to be the Daphne to his Dirk, the beaver to

  • his Mr beaver. She'd stare moonily over the racks but the video game store manager/football star ignored her. She spent so much time in his store that she became a total expert at

  • Fantasy Football...emphasis on the "Fantasy" part. Maybe if she dressed up like a cheerleader, she could get his attention. The next day, she showed up at the video store with

  • loose clothes and looser morals, moonwalking past the check out counter. As he turned to stare, she winked at him. He reached down under the counter and grabbed

  • his shotgun, aiming it steadily for her head. Nobody winks at him and gets away with it, he thought, as he blew her away. Barely out of prison for a day and already he'd messed up.



  1. PurpleProf Apr 11 2013 @ 05:11

    He must have felt even worse after he realized she had been his 2nd grade teacher... It just all happened so fast...

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