"Do you need love love advice? Then call

  • "Do you need love love advice? Then call Miss Cleo's Psychic Phone Line right now. For only 99 cents a minute, you can have your future told." Sammi rushed to the phone and dialed

  • the number for the anti-psychic agency to report Miss Cleo. Five years ago, all the psychics had been imprisoned for treason, but some had slipped the net. Sammi knew her duty, and

  • ran a dragnet for the fugitive ESPers. But being psychic, they saw Sammi from a mile away. She had to resort to random thinking for camoflage. (plateofshrimpbarnaclespannerkumquat)

  • She created a buffer of random thought ramparts by going to a nightclub. The fugitive ESPers could not read Sammi's mind there. I sweaty guy in a shiny shirt electric slid up

  • Why they were still doing the slide in this club was anybody's guess. "Hey ESPer, what am I THINKING?"

  • The club patron glared at the ESPer's response, to which the latter apologized. "I'm sorry, I thought you said 'stinking', not 'thinking'. Could they turn down that awful techno?"

  • The club patron thought, "Why don't you send the message telepathically, Mr. Fancy-Pants?" The ESPer said, "Hey, I heard that!" The club DJ showed no signs of slowing down

  • and the bartenders started to do unnatural tricks. Then the DJ paused the sound mesh and turned the meat down until the crowd disappeared except for a thousand eyes looking at me.

  • It dawned on me that I -- yes I -- was their teacher and they...my pupils. These odd events of my dream foretold the future, far more accurately than my psychic did. Through time,

  • It was then that I realized how surreal my settings were. The TARDIS? The Death Star? Who knows. But whatever the setting was, it was clear that I was in a dream within a dream.



  1. Chaz Oct 17 2014 @ 09:15

    Purple Prof, Your intuitive psychic vibrations amaze me.

  2. PurpleProf Oct 17 2014 @ 09:20

    Incredible...magic...maybe I am more psychic than I realized.

  3. sundancer Oct 17 2014 @ 19:14

    I love this one. :-)

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