Bianca cracked quail eggs then mixed in ox

  • Bianca cracked quail eggs then mixed in ox foot broth & cachaça. Before the omelete set she added an oyster & bull testicle for good measure. If this didn't unfurl Juan's mastro

  • , she'd add some raw escargot and mussels along with the other less-than-savory ingredients. She peered down at her creation and then rang the dinner-bell for Juan. At first bite,

  • it was love. Juan slowly masticated her creation and looked into her soul. As his jaw worked it, she felt her spin shiver from his gaze-lust. But when he tried to swallow that big

  • battered oyster it lodged in his lung & over the years formed a colony. Juan would cough up oysters in the throes of passion & was contracted to Tubbies Seafood Shack which collect

  • ed the aftermath. Tubbies was proud of their commitment to repurposed seafood, serving "Juan's Special Oyster Bites" during happy hour. "Simply delicious!" was the typical comment.

  • That was, until one day. The day of the food poisoning, to be exact. 'Juan's Special Oyster Bites' would be no more. Tubbies witnessed it first hand. A grand man by the name of

  • Winston Montgomery Fulton took a large basin for himself as well as a large bottle of Cianti to wash it all down and gratified himself by

  • Watching sinkholes form from the general plasticity of culture. His buddies were clothed with daggers, chanting synonyms for trance dummies. Halsey sang "New Americana" as they

  • implicated Bush 1 as being the shooter on the grassy knoll. Libra they called him and as a reward he got a dynasty. By the time the twins finished their presidencies there were

  • no voters left alive to continue the elections, so the twins elected themselves monarchs and ruled no-one until they both died of starvation, thank heavens.



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