Despair. For some, it is an inescapable reality;

  • Despair. For some, it is an inescapable reality; despite their best efforts, an intractable sense of doom pervades. This, I realized, was my lot, when I recognized that the avatars

  • were totally hot was when I first entered the torrid two-dimensional world of Hentai. This is how I met Yoshi the Pervert.

  • Yoshi Perv said, "The chicks here weigh 70 lbs., 80 of those lbs. being boobs." "Abnormal boobage causes back pain. I can't stand for this." A schoolgirl lassoed me with a tentacle

  • and took me away from this madness to the Quiet Zone in Berlin. Thoughts of massive boobs faded as soothing hands massaged my fevered brow. But at night I dreamt of the terrible

  • twins snuffling about like truffle hogs, tracking me with sensitive nipple noses! I could get no sleep. Doctors said if my entire brain wasn't removed, my big boob obsession would

  • spread to the rest of the city. He told me I had 24 hours to cure myself, and even he knew of no antidote. BBO originated the invention of the wheel. Scholars thought it died out,

  • but boy were they wrong. I walked right up to the receptionist at BBO CO and she threw a wheel of cheese at me. I wonder if it's because she knew of my ailment. So I went to the

  • vending machine around the back of BBO Co for some crackers but the machine was out of order. I couldn't eat my cheese without crackers, it wouldn't be right. I started to panic

  • So I did the only thing I could. I found a nice heavy brick and launched it at the machine with all my might.

  • Calling on my stunts and fate points and stacking my free invocations, I did twelve shifts of damage to the vile vending machine, obliterating it outright. Brick wins again! BRICK.



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    Sponsored by the brick foundation.

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